There are times that using your Mac seems so slow and even a simple loading of applications take longer. This is quite common to any system but if you don’t do something else you will surely suffer this on your Mac forever. Better do some Mac speed up tips to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently on your Mac.

Mac Speed Up with These Simple Tips

    1. Clean Up Dock and Finder Windows
    If you want to tune up your Mac performance then better clean the Dock, Desktop and Finder items. If your Desktop got so many icons, better remove them. If you got applications that you need to use and access more often than better add it to the Finder toolbar or Dock. By doing this you can help a lot to keep your Mac working efficiently.

    2. Manage Email Spam
    If you are not careful with your emails, sure thing it can attract a large junk spam. If you want to reduce spam in mails then prevent it before things worsen. There are a lot of things that you can do to lessen the amount of spam. Stop your subscription to newsgroup, vendors, forums and other internet advertisements because they can generate a huge amount of spam emails. Use the Junk filtering options in your email account to manage them in your mailbox.

    3. After Cleaning all unnecessary files, Maintain your Mac
    Don’t forget to maintain your Mac after getting rid of all these junks to keep your Mac system to do better and faster. Try to do some regular maintenance routines in your Mac such as running Disk Utility, verifying and repairing disk permissions, cleaning up caches, scanning start up disk for any errors, Zap and PRAM in case of unexpected crashes and enabling automatic updates.

    4. Secure Mac System
    Making your Mac secured is as important in enhancing its performance. If you clean and keep up your Mac and leave it open for unauthorized access then this will do no good in your Mac. It is always a good idea that aside from exerting effort to organize files and folders, run maintenance tasks, gets everything to run efficiently and cleaning up Mac, make a way to secure it too from unauthorized access, spyware, malicious threats and viruses. All of these can harm your Mac system and even slows it down. Better protect your Mac by simply installing anti-virus, anti-spyware and Mac scanner.

    5. Back up Mac System
    This is also a Mac speed up tips that is quite easy to do. Although Mac comes with installation CD’s that you can use to restore the operating system but this is not applicable to your personal files, folders and applications. Run some third-party applications that will handle all the backing up of all your important files. You can also delete the duplicate in your Mac to give an extra space for other files.

If you want to speed up your Mac performance then better do these Mac speed up tips. You will notice an improved Mac performance afterwards.