Most Mac users are worried about their Mac performance issues and they want to find ways how to achieve Mac speed up at its maximum capabilities. There are actually a lot of ways that you can to speed it up without the need to spend too much on your budget. Here are simple tips that you can do every time you got problems with your Mac performance.

Mac Speed Up with 4 Easy Steps

The next time you got problem with your Mac performance, try doing these simple tips to achieve Mac speed up on its top shape.

Empty the Desktop: Getting rid of cluttered files and applications in your desktop can improve the Mac speed. Although there are no scientific truth behind this but somehow this can help the system to achieve its maximum performance. You can make a folder and save your files and decide the ones that you want to remove.

Reset the PRAM: No matter how you think your system is stable it needs to be reset or shut down once in a while. You need to reset the PRAM of your Mac because this can clear out any errors in your Mac. To do this, shut down the system then wait for 30 seconds and turn it back. Then pushing the power button hold down the control options then press P and R on your keyboard and you will see the screen will light up and a chime sound will play. Do this three times and release the keys after. The computer will boot up again.

Remove items in the startup menu that are unnecessary: Applications that are installed in the system are placed usually in the startup menu. Once the system is loaded these programs are also loaded. Over time this can cause your Mac to run slow. Better remove these applications that will cause your Mac to run slow by navigating to System Preferences>Accounts and select your account and Login Items. Then determine on the list the apps that you want to remove and hit the minus button.

Run utility tools: There are cleaning utility tools that can clear out cache files, logs and temporary files in your Mac. You can use applications such as Onyx or MacKeeper to do this. They are readily available to be downloaded in the system and installed its free trial version and enjoy its full features on your Mac system.
Mac speed up
Having problems with your Mac performances can really cause it to run slowly. So better perform these simple tips above to achieve Mac speed up that you want for your system, better and faster like the first time you bought it. And the best thing here, you don’t need to shed out money from your budget just to make your system run faster. A simple emptying on the desktop cluttered files and running utility tools can help clear out unnecessary items that can build up in the system and one of the main reasons why your Mac is acting slower.