No matter how you keep your Mac system faster chances are the system might running slow over time. Because there will come a tome that the hard disk space will be filled up with files and applications. But you don’t need to worry about this one because you can do something when this will happen to your Mac.

How to Make Mac System Faster?

Mac system faster

One of the proven and tested ways to speed up Mac performance is upgrading your old Mac with new hardware. If you want to boost up the speed then better invest extra RAM and larger hard drive for your Mac. However, if you intend to upgrade the machine then consult first any expert that could tell what parts are compatible with your system. Learn how to read the manuals because you will also know what will be compatible with your machine. There are other alternatives that you can consider before investing bigger with your Mac, hope these tips will make your Mac system faster.

  1. 1. Desktop Clean Up: If the Desktop is littered with unnecessary icons then your Mac performance will suffer. Icons are often regarded as open window and it will consume some memory space too. This might not be an issue for now but surely this will cause problems in the long run. It is advisable that you put them in other location instead.
  2. 2. Remove Unnecessary Startup Items: If you notice that your Mac tends to be slower during the startup time then fire up the System Preferences click Accounts, choose your account and then Login Items. There are applications that are in the list so better removed the ones that are not really important. This will definitely speed up the booting time.
  3. 3. Speed up some Applications that are slow: Most of the time the cause of Mac to run slowly are applications that are installed in the system. Try considering these applications below:
  • a. Dashboard Widgets- Widgets are considered to be useful tools but then again this will only eat up the memory even if you are not using it in the Dashboard. This will likely cause your Mac to run out of extra space just in case you need it for other important files. Navigate to Applications Folder then choose the Utilities options and look for the Activity Monitor. You will know what certain applications are using most of the memory and normally widgets are on the top of the list. Then might as well disable them in the end.
  • b. Firefox and other browsers- Over time the browser tends to run slower too. So try to uninstall extensions that are unnecessary and eliminate also the add-ons that you are running because this will speed up the browser operation in the process.
  • Over time no matter how you optimize your Mac system to make it faster, chances are it will still run slow in the long run because of too many files and applications that are stored in the hard drive. But then with these simple tips you will know how to make Mac system faster just in case you are worried on its slow performance.