Most of the time Mac system got some performance issues and this is especially true when Mac hard drive gets full of files and applications. But then Mac also comes with quick and easy Mac tweaking tips that will bring back your Mac system in good shape. Try to consider these following tips below.

Mac Tweaking Tips in An Easy Step

    1. Validate Fonts: It is necessary that you check for your fonts to know if they are correct. If you want to speed up Mac then it only means that you need to remove everything that is corrupt. You can choose Font validation under the File menu on your FontBook.
    2. Get rid of old events in iCal: Just like what you do in your web browser history files just go through old events in iCal application and delete them completely. This will give you enough time for iCal to load in the system.
    3. Reduce iCal Subscription: This is like the RSS fees where you need to delete unnecessary subscriptions. This can consume some time to remove it but this will save some RAM space too.
    4. Rebuild Mailbox: Mailbox is prone to any corruption when it gets bloated with too many emails. This can cause Mac slow down later on. If you want to avoid this thing to happen in your Mac just choose the Mailbox menu and then choose the Rebuild option.
    5. Remove Smart Playlists in iTunes: If your iTunes got some scripts then it can take longer to open. Delete unused smart scripts to enhance your iTunes performance.
    6. Delete iTune Songs: Having too many songs in the said application will let you put all the information in the preference file. Better remove the unused songs to reduce the files in iTunes.
    7. Empty the Trash: Allow your Mac to track lesser items by clearing out the Trash. If you can do this then you can save an extra space in the disk and speed up the performance when the system opens a folder.
    8. Remove Unnecessary Languages: Mac uses a lot of language files. Try using Monolingual tool that will get rid of these language files that are really unnecessary.
    9. Remove Items in the Startup menu: Get rid of items that are stored in the startup menu. Just simply navigate to System Preferences Pane>Login Items and choose over the lists.
    10. Repair Disk Permissions: Run disk permissions under the Disk Utilities option. This can enable a better performance in your Mac.
    11. Verify Computer Disks: Look over the Disk Utilities and you can verify the disks just to make sure that you don’t have any problems with corrupt and discrepancies in your hard disks.
    12. Quit unused programs: Just simply close the programs that you really don’t need at all and you can do your Mac a favor is saving a lot of unused RAM.

Every time you got the problem with your Mac performance remember to do these simple Mac tweaking tips and you can bring it back in good shape like the first time you use it.