How to remove MacDefender Spyware in you Mac system

Mac OS is vulnerable to any threats and one good proof is the MacDefender that could easily invade the Mac. MacDefender is a fake anti spyware that targets both the Windows and Apple platforms and its main purpose it to get your valuable files and use it for any fraudulent purposes. So what are the possible ways to remove the MacDefender spyware?

Normally, MacDefender app is installed automatically in your computer when you visit any malicious sites and then click the links on its web sources. This phishing scam makes it real that you need this program by giving you warning for any problems in your Mac. It even display a lot of security alert files but all of these could not be trusted. This malware could not really remove any threats in your system but instead fabricates system scan window and other notifications that you have. Don’t give even your credit card information to the creators of this malware and remove this annoying app in your Mac soon.

Keep in mind the following why you should not tolerate this malware in your Mac system:

  1. MacDefender can be installed in your Mac without your permission.
  2. It has a very terrible online reputation.
  3. The website of MacDefender is even poor and lacks the needed information that you want to know.
  4. The payment page of the MacDefender is already suspicious.
  5. The performance of this app is very bad.

You can remove the MacDefender app in your Mac manually by doing the simple steps below:

  1. Block MacDefender sites and removed all the processes, unregistered DLL files and registry utility.
  2. You can select the Add or Remove Porgrams utility but this is not really the solution because there are some hidden MacDefender files that can still affect your Mac system once you reboot it.

Other simple steps that you can are the following:

  1. Select the Spotlight magnifying glass icon.
  2. Locate for the Activity Monitor and open it.
  3. Choose the All Processes option found near the top right window.
  4. Locate in the list the name of the app, MacDefender.
  5. Select the Quit Process button.
  6. Or you can also select the Force Quit options.
  7. Then go to the Applications folder.
  8. Then delete the MacDefender file and empty your Trash.
  9. Slect the Apple icon and click the System Preferences.
  10. Choose Accounts
  11. Click your username at the left side.
  12. Select the login items
  13. Then click the minus button if MacDefender is included in the list.
  14. It would be helpful also if you disable the automatic file opening setting in your Safari.
  15. Locate and delete also the MacDefender registry entries in your Mac.
  16. You can opt for spyware remover apps that can handle this malware so easily if the manual steps can’t do this alone.

It is necessary to remove the MacDefender spyware in your Mac because this can get your important files and use it for any fraudulent purposes. You can do it manually or choose other third party tools that can handle it. Just makes sure that as soon as the malware attacks your system, remove it as soon as possible.