Want to open .Rar files on Mac? .Rar is a common file both on Mac and Windows platform. .Rar is a file format that compresses large files and makes them smaller. These are normally done to save extra space, protect files or to easily send it via email. .Rar files are normally broken down into smaller and equal parts to be used for archiving and for added security a password can be created with your .Rar files. If you want to know how to open rar files on Mac, follow these simple steps.


Ways to Open .Rar Files on a Mac

Opening rar files on Mac is quite easy, with the help of special software. Follow these simple tips below to learn how to deal with .Rar files on Mac.

  1. Expand files with the use of decompression software: .Rar files are utilized on both Windows based computers, as well as Mac.  To use .Rar files on a Mac, you simply open these files with the use of applications such as StuffIt Deluxe For Mac OS X. It is already built into the Mac OS platform.  With this software, you can decompress .Rar files as well any other type of compressed files.
  2. Other applications that you use are the UnrarX that works on Mac OS X 10.0 and other higher versions. To do this, just go to UnRar website and download a copy of software for your Mac. You don’t need to worry because UnrarX is a freeware. Once the application is already downloaded, unpackage it and drag the icon to the Application folder. After this, you can start using your UnRarX apps to open any .rar files in your Mac OS X.
  3. RAR Expander is software that you can download for your Mac. These supports Apple  scripts and even expand multiple archives at once. You can do this by simply dragging files and dropping them in the expander application. It will automatically decompress and then you can open the files which you can use.
  4. You can try other apps too like Zipeg. To get this software just visit the site at zipeg.com. You can download the application easily.  Then once done, double click the zipeg.dmg file and drag and drop the application to your Application folder. You can input your password too. Then run Zipeg and you can start opening .rar files that you have in your Mac.

Conclusion on how to open .rar files on Mac

.Rar files are common to any system that you have. These are used to compressed large files that might not enough for some storage spaces or want to send files faster through emails. No matter how you want to use these files they are important. If you find it hard to open rar files on Mac, no need to worry at all because with the help of decompression software, opening these files comes so easy. You can actually select any available software that works on Mac and some of these come for free. Your best options include Zipeg, UnRarX, StuffIt Deluxe For Mac and a lot more. All of these works with the same feature, to open rar files easy for you.