Having cluttered and untidy closet can take your time to look for dress to wear. This is quite applicable too with Mac computers. You see, Mac can be sluggish by having too many files on them. The best way that you can do to improve it is simply organize Mac OS. Here are some simple tips on how to do this.

Organize Mac OS and How

1. Evaluate Data on Mac and Remove the Unnecessary Ones
It is quite normal for Mac computers to be cluttered with data especially if these are being used more often. No matter how stable you might think, Mac will bog down if more cluttered stuff is stored on it. You can organize them without being stressful by simply navigating to Finder, then on the left pane choose the user name then review all the files that are located in the folders. Then the next step that you can do is removed the duplicate files, unnecessary data and large files.

2. Create Folders and Subfolders
This is the practical thing that you can do to keep everything organized. Just create folders and subfolders that will store and organize all your data in one location. Rename these folders according to related files on it for ease of monitoring and identification. Like for example if you pictures then you can create folders and subfolders that have pictures named after item if you got songs then you can save it in Music folder and if you have files related to your work, you can also group this into one folder . You might as well organize your desktop folders and use proper labels for ease of monitoring and identification. If you want to save an extra space then you can also compress and archive files that you don’t need more often.

3. Use third party Applications.
This is another way that is quite faster to help you organize everything in your Mac. There are a lot of applications that will help you locate for duplicate files, remove the unnecessary ones, backup your data and a lot more to handle all the important information in your Mac. Some applications that are capable of these are AppDelete, MacKeeper, etc. These are even offered to you for free trial and they are even helpful to tweak your Mac. They just make sure that you don’t have cluttered disks and files are arranged in one location.

4. Defrag Mac Hard Drive
Mac hard drive can be cluttered with fragment files. This can really cause your Mac applications and files to load and run slower. To avoid this problem all you need to do is defrag your Mac hard drive. This is the fastest way also to remove duplicate files and store it in one location for ease and fast retrieval and loading of files.

One of the common causes why Mac programs take longer to open is cluttered disk. The best way that you can do is organize Mac OS by removing unnecessary files, creating files and folders, defragging hard drive and using third party applications. You can see a better and improved Mac performance afterwards.