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If you have ever had your computer crash or even just accidentally deleted your own photos or other digital files, you know what true frustration is. Not only that, but you also feel a bit depressed because you just lost some precious moments in time that you can never get back. Before some new technology came about, which is photo recovery software, we had no choice but to accept that our images were gone forever. However, now we do have some really great photo recovery software for Mac programs available, and in most cases they also will work for your iPhone, iPod, camera and other digital media devices.

This article will show you the top 3 photo recovery programs that you can use with your Mac, or other media. They are each quite easy to use, although I will throw one in that you could also use as a more advanced user or for professional use. Even if you haven’t yet lost your files or photos, you should at least know which program you will go to in case you do, so let’s get started.

1) EaseUs Mac Photo Recovery

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EaseUs Mac Photo Recovery MacItFaster Top 3 Photo Recovery Programs for Mac

This first photo recovery for Mac program, EaseUs Mac Photo Recovery, is one of the very few free ones. The free version is of course very limited, but if you are able to recover your photos, or even your music files, then it’s worth a try. If it cannot do it with the free version you always have the ability to upgrade. The free version can find bmp, jpg, png, tif and mp3 files, whereas the paid for photo recovery version will find all files types.

If you do decide to upgrade they do say that you will also get a free Mac cleaning program with your download, so if you do not have one yet it may help you feel that it’s more worth it. The program is $89.95 for the standard version and $399 for the technician or professional version. You can recover photos from most digital cameras, Macs, media cards and similar devices. For a full list of features you can visit their website.

2) AppleXSoft Photo Recovery Software for Mac

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AppleXSoft Photo Recovery Program on MacItFaster Top 3 Photo Recovery Programs for Mac

Like the previous software program, AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Digital Media / Mac has a free version. In this case it is a trial though so you will at some time need to upgrade it if you wish to continue using it. This software seems a bit easier to use and has a lot of awards from many large name sites. Their site say that it “is designed to recover photo, images, documents, video, music or just about anything that can be written to digital media device.”

It too will be able to recover photos from many digital cameras, but it can also recover photos or other files from even more things, including your iPhone, Mac of course, digital media cards, CD, DVD, USB flash drive and more. It also can find nearly any file format, and unlike most photo recovery programs it can also recover RAW files. This program is $49.99, which is far less than most. To learn more about this software you can read this Review for AppleXSupport Photo Recovery for Mac. Their site does also carry professional or technician versions of data recovery software if needed.

3) Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery 5

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Stellar Mac Photo Recovery for Mac on MacItFaster Top 3 Photo Recovery Programs for Mac

The Stellar Mac Photo Recovery software is very similar to the past two, but not quite as extensive as them in what it can do. With the prior two photo recovery programs for Mac you can find every file format, or nearly every, but with Stellar Mac you have a few less options, but you still are able to find your photos or other files. They also find audio and video files on your Mac or other digital media device.

They say that there software can find your photos or other files on your memory cards, digital cameras, iPods, USB storage devices, Flash Cards, Mini Disks, Zip Disks and Mac operating system based hard drives. Their cost is $49, but they do have a more simplified version if you don’t need the extensive file format portion of the program. That version is $39.

Final Thoughts

Whichever program you choose to retrieve your music, photo or other digital files, it should be able to find them without issue. My personal pick is #2 on our list, AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Mac, but that’s pretty much a matter of preference. I like that it’s very easy to use. It just takes a few mouse clicks to find your photos and it was really easy to figure out how to use. The other two are also very good, and as I said, you really can’t go wrong with your pick as they are all very good products. I would suggest that you try the free trial first though, this will be how you can decide which one you like best.

If you have tried one of these programs to find your pictures after they’ve been lost, let me know which one you used and what you thought about it. If you have another photo recovery program that you like better, then let me know about it too! I’d love to tell our readers about it so that they can get their pictures back and not have to be too sad when they find out their gone.

One way to not have to go through this process though is to backup your photos! Read our Top 3 Ways to Backup Your Photos on Your Mac to learn how.

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