You are using the Apple’s Safari and yet it is running slow. This is one of the fastest browser from Apple but not of the time that this apps is running that fast. A lot of people are already complaining that Safari is a little bit slow for Mac. There are a lot of reasons why Safari running slow and you can do simple steps to resolve it too.

Safari running Slow? Speed it Up

If you want to speed up your Safari running slow, here are tips that you can do about Safari performance:

  1. Open the DNS servers: This is normally provided by the ISP and their performance really varies on server configuration, traffic they have and other operations done on the same system. Adding some open DNS servers can help to speed you browser and load web pages without delays.
  2. Reset Safari apps: corrupt installation of apps can really one of the reasons why Safari maybe acting a little strange on your Mac. But Apple itself has a convenient way to enabled it to quick resetting and this can be done through clicking the Reset Safari option found under the Menu.
  3. Remove cache and log files: It will be best that you use some third party applications such as MacKeeper to clean and remove the caches in your system that can affect your Safari application.
  4. Get rid of plug-ins: Pug-ins that is not properly functioning can really cause your Safari to run slowly. The best thing that you can is remove all third party plugins by clicking the Macintosh HD> Library>Internet Plugins>folder. After doing this try relaunching the Safari if the problem still occurs then install latest versions of the plug-ins.
  5. Use third party applications: The list of apps Mac cleaner is getting crowded because there are a lot of them that is capable of speeding up your Safari browser. Some apps known for this cleaning ability are the MacKeeper, Onyx, CleanMyMac, AppDelete, etc. Each of these apps is capable of cleaning your Mac system and make sure you had one of them in your Mac.
  6. Uninstall SIMBL: You can download SIMBL package to improve the Safari.
  7. Uninstall Application Enhancer: This is one cause why your Safari maybe acting slow and you can temporary uninstall it to improve its performance.  Just click the APE Manger under the System Preference Menu and choose the uninstall option. You can also download the Application Enhancer, run and install it.
  8. Clear the Autofill and favicons: Removing this can also improve your Safari. Just go to Safari>Preferences and select AutoFill then choose the Edit option and remove all the items. And then go to the Library>Safari and then Trash the folder named Icons and restart the Safari.

Speeding up Safari running slow

For your Safari running slow, you can resolve this issue by following the simple tips above. The next time you browse your Safari you will eventually know what causes its delay and how to speed it up anyway. You will have your browser running back on its normal speed.