Just like any system, Mac machine can become slower over time. It is possible especially if you are using too many applications and files that are getting cluttered in the Mac hard drive. However there are several steps that you can do to speed up your slow down Mac. These five steps below is a sure way to keep your Mac running in good shape.

Slow Down Mac, Ways How to Speed Things Up

    1. Allow 10% free space on your hard drive. It is also an advantage if you make it 20%. Most of the times Mac applications require RAM space when they are running and starting up. Having too many applications you use in your Mac also means a space is needed. However if you don’t have enough space available for your applications your Mac performance can be affected. It is necessary that you leave an extra 10% free space on your hard drive to allow applications to run on Mac faster.

    2. Clean the Desktop. Having too many icons on your Desktop can really cause your Mac to slow down. There are times that Mac machine treat every icon as an open window and this consume also some Mac space. To avoid this one clean the Desktop more often. Remove old and large files that you no longer need in your Mac machine and store it in other locations. This will somehow speed up Mac performance.

    3. Repair Disk Permission. Doing this regularly will resolve any errors in the disk. To do this one just simply open the Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility>select the hard drive>Repair Disk Permissions. At times disk errors can happen due to several reasons such as unexpected shutdowns, power outages and occasional crashes. This can make your Mac machine corrupted and slow in performance. But you can use Disk Utility that is already built-in in the Mac system to repair any corrupted permissions on your Mac machine. Do this when your Mac is idle because it can take several hours to do it.

    4. Remove unnecessary Login Items. Just go System Settings>Accounts>choose account name>Login Items if you want to do this. This is necessary when you install applications in your Mac because they are automatically place in your start up menu without you even knowing it. Look over to the list and you will be surprise how many applications are included in the start up menu. Remove them by clicking the minus icon below. This will speed up Mac and will give an extra space for your other files and application.

    5. Get rid of unneeded Dashboard widgets. You can do this by opening the Dashboard>select the icon “+” in the bottom left corner>click the “X” icon that will appear on the left corner of widgets. Although widgets can be useful in your Mac, it also consumes space on your Mac. It is helpful that you remove some of them that are less important to you.

    If you already got a slow down Mac, learn these five tips above and this will keep your Mac running as good as new. No need to spend too much when you know that you can do something to speed things up while spending for less.