Just like any system, Mac computer can become slower over time as you use it. This is quite true if you use so many applications and files in your Mac hard drive. But there are simple tips that are guaranteed to speed the performance of your slow down Mac. These five recommended steps will surely keep your Mac up to shape.

Slow Down Mac, Simple Tips to Improve Mac

    1. Leave at least 10% free space on your Mac hard drive. This is quite good if you make it 20% at least. There are some applications installed in your Mac that requires additional RAM space every time they are starting up and running. But then if you don’t have enough space for your applications then Mac performance can really be affected. It is necessary that you keep 10% free space on your Mac hard drive to allow other applications to run in your Mac machine without sacrificing its performance.

    2. Clear out Mac Desktop. Having too many icons on your Mac system can really slows it down. These icons are normally treated by Mac machine as open window and will only consume some Mac space. If you want to avoid this one better clean out your Mac desktop. This simply means removing your old files and folders that you don’t need at all. Then try to store some large files and folders in other location. You can make a big difference in improving your Mac speed somehow.

    3. Repair Disk Permission. Doing this regularly will correct any issues in your Mac hard disk. If you want to perform this one on your Mac machine just simply navigate to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility>choose the hard drive and then>Repair Disk Permission options. This is quite effective when your Mac experience unfavorable events such as shutdowns, power outages and crashes. Eventually this can cause major problems such as frequent crashes and make your computer corrupted. It is necessary that you run the Mac OS built-in utility to prevent this problem and repair any corrupted files on your Mac machine. But then if you want to do this with your Mac make sure that the machine is idle.

    4. Remove unnecessary Login Items. You can do this by simply opening the System Settings>Accounts>select your account name>Login Items. Once you got so many applications piled up in your Mac they are also place automatically in the start up menu. They can really slow down the performance of your Mac machine. Better remove them in order to reduce the time that your Mac needs to start up. After doing this you will eventually speed up your Mac performance.

    5. Remove unwanted Dashboard widgets. Dashboard widgets can be very useful but some of them will only consume your Mac system resources. Better navigate to Dashboard>select the icon “+” found at the bottom left corner>click the “x” icon on the left corner of the widgets in order to remove them. Make sure to close the items that are not really important to you.

    So every time you got slow down Mac, remember these five helpful tips and perform it in your Mac. You will notice that its performance will greatly improve after doing so.