Your Mac system just like any other computer can become slower as time goes by. This is especially true if you got so many applications and files that are piled up on your Mac hard drive. Luckily there are easy steps that will eventually speed up your slow down Mac. Here are five steps that are sure way to keep your system up to shape.

Slow Down Mac, Five Ways to Speed Things Up

    1. Leave at least 10% on your hard drive space free and available- Actually making it 20% is better. There are times that applications requires some RAM space when they are starting up and running thus the more applications that you use also means more space are required. And if you don’t have enough space for your applications to run then eventually your Mac will run slow. It is always advisable that you keep at least 10% space free on your hard drive to allow other programs to run on your Mac machine.
    slow down Mac
    2. Clean out the Desktop-Desktop with full of icons can slow down the Mac system. Often times Mac machine treat this icon as open window and consume some Mac space. To remedy this one, always clean your desktop. This requires getting rid of old files and folders that you no longer need. Take other files and store in folders instead. By doing this alone you already speed up your Mac performance.

    3. Repair Disk Permission-Doing this will resolve any discrepancies that your disk might have. To do this just open the Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility>select the hard drive>Repair Disk Permissions. This is necessary for your Mac because unforeseen events such as shutdowns, power outages and crashes can cause your computer to become corrupted and lead to slowing down Mac system. If would be very helpful if you run built-in Mac OS utility known as Disk Utility to repair any corrupted permissions on your Mac system. This process can take several hours so better do it over night when your Mac is idle.

    4. Remove Unwanted Login items- Jus simply go to System Settings>Accounts>choose account name>Login Items. If you got so many applications installed in your Mac, they are also place on the startup menu. Programs such as Dropbox, Google, etc. are some of the applications that can slow down Mac performance. Better remove them from the Login items to reduce the amount of time to take your Mac system to startup. This will eventually speed some things on your Mac.

    5. Remove unneeded Dashboard widgets-Doing this can be done by navigating to Dashboard>choose the icon “+” in the bottom left corner>click the “X” icon that will appear on the left corner of widgets that you want to remove. These widgets are at times helpful but they can also consume some memory space. You can close some of them that are not really important to you.

Once you experience slow down Mac system, perform these five helpful tips above and you can effectively speed up your Mac performance in just a matter of minutes without even spending some money on your part. This will keep your Mac up to shape and working good all the time.