As you use your Mac system in the long run you will notice that it feels a little bit sluggish. This is reality, that no matter how stable your machine, over time slow Mac performance will happen. This is because the hard drive will be filled up with files and applications. But you don’t need to worry about this one because there’s always something that you can do about this.

Slow Mac Performance, 8 Steps to Speed It Up

If you got slow Mac performance just remember these simple fixing tips that you can do to boost its performance back.

Shut Down or Restart the System
Applications have some leak memory issues and this can cause a sluggish system. Even if you can run Mac in weeks or even months, but then the performance is greatly affected. It would be better if you restart or shut it down once in a while to clear out some issues that your applications have.

Watch out the Start up Items
Applications are added in the startup items every time they are installed in the system and at time Mac users are not aware of this one. If you notice that the system take longer to boot up then it’s about time you open the System Preferences>Accounts>select your accounts>Login Items. You can see in the list that there are a lot of applications in the startup menu so better remove the ones that you don’t need more often because this can really consume memory and CPU usage.

Clear out System Preferences
There are other options under the System Preferences that you might no longer need. Better remove some of these applications because it can only clutter the hard drive. Just look over the Library then select Preference Pane and choose among the available options.

Clean out Widgets Dashboard
Widgets can be useful but they can consume some of your Mac memory. It will improve the Mac speed if you disable some of them to have an extra space for your other important files.

Schedule Time Machine Backup
Having a backup copy of all your important files are necessary. It is wiser that you run the Time Machine once the Mac machine is idle to have a backup copy of all your important files. You can delete the ones in the hard drive if you already got a copy of it in other location, thus in a way you have an extra space on the hard drive.

Clear Out Mac Hard Drive
The main reason why you got slow Mac performance is hard drives that are cluttered with unnecessary files and application. It would help if you delete some of these unwanted files to spare an extra space for your other important processes.
slow Mac performance
Install some Cleaning Mac Utility Tools
There is a lot of cleaning utility tools for your Mac that could clear out the system and free the hard drive in any cluttered files that you have. Some of applications that you could try are the MacKeeper, Onyx, AppZapper, AppDelete and CleanMyMac. They can also uninstall applications completely out in the system and repair some disk permissions too.

If you notice that you have slow Mac performance then try these simple fixing tips above and you can boost the speed of your Mac to perform on top of its shape.