Using your Mac system and over time you notice that you already got slow Mac performance. You notice that it load the system slower than ever before and some applications become responsive. Most would rather think to buy a new Mac machine and junk the old one. However if you want some practical solutions here are simple guide that you can do to fix your slow Mac performance.

Slow Mac Performance, Simple Fixing Tips

Here are some practical ways that you can do to your sluggish Mac and you will soon realize that buying a new machine is not really the mere solution.

  1. 1. Shut Down or Restart the System
    One of the many causes why Mac system becomes a little sluggish is due to some applications that have leak memory. No matter how stable Mac system and you can run it even in weeks without restarting, chances are the whole system will eventually affected so better restart and shut it down once in a while.
  2. 2. Monitor the Start Up Items
    Every time applications are installed in the system, they are also added in the startup items. This can even delay the opening of applications and can consume some of memory and CPU usage. It is wiser that you remove them by clicking the Apple Menu>System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items. You can see in the list all the applications that are added in the menu so better remove them.
  3. 3. Clear out System Preferences
    System Preferences got other options that you might no longer need so better remove some of them. There are also some applications that really need some uninstalling task so do it before they can clutter your hard drive. If you want you can do this by looking under the Library>Preference Pane and select among the available options.
  4. 4. Clean Mac Dashboard
    Widgets on the Dashboard can be cool in the eyes but having too much in the Dashboard can already consume the disk space instead of other valuable files to use it. It will be very helpful if you delete the unnecessary widgets and give an extra space for other important files.
  5. 5. Schedule Time Machine Backup
    It will be very practical to do this once in a while in order to backup all important files that are stored in your Mac. But just make sure that if you run the Time Machine be sure that the Mac machine is idle.
  6. slow Mac performance

  7. 6. Clear Out Mac Hard Drive
    It is necessary that you delete some unwanted files that are stored in the disk to free some extra space in your system and improve the whole Mac performance.
  8. 7. Use Cleaning Utility Tool
    Mac got a long list of available cleaning utility that works just to clean the system and free it from any cluttered files. This is capable of repairing some disk permission too.
  9. 8. Update Mac System
    If you really want to improve the system them try installing software updates and check for available version of the latest software. You can use third party applications that you can think will be helpful to you.

Any problem with slow Mac performance? This helpful and practical tips will make you realize that these are more practical effective rather than buying a new Mac machine.