With Mac platform, you don’t need to exert extra effort to keep Mac speed on top of the shape because Mac machines are rather fast, reliable and updated by regularly running automated scripts regularly unlike the other OS platform. But then there are certain reasons why you can experience some slow Mac system and here are the possible culprits below.

Slow Mac System, Why Is It Slow

No matter how much you think that Mac system is stable than the rest, chances are these are a lot of attributes too that can eat up the system performance and drag down its performance. Here are the primary reasons for having slow Mac system:

Corrupt Preference Files: Applications with corrupt preference files can surely make your system to run slower. This corruption can be due to virus and threat attacks, irresponsible way of shutting down the Mac system and lot more.

Too Many Dashboard Widgets: Widgets can really be beautiful in the system but having too many of it can somehow consume memory space and decrease the performance of the machine. Fire up the Activity Monitor and you will verify which of these widgets occupy most of your system resources.

Cache, Log and Temporary Files: These kinds of files can be accumulated over time when just taken for granted and somehow consume most of the memory spaces. This will eventually lead to slow Mac behavior in the long run.
Incorrect Firmware: Firmware needs to be updated more often in order for the system to properly function. If you got the wrong firmware then various issues can make it run to run slower.

Applications on the Background: Unnecessary applications that are running on the background can only consume the CPU usage instead other applications will use it. There are other applications too that have some memory leakage issues and can only consume most of the memory.

Ways to Speed up Slow Mac System

Knowing the main culprits why you got slow Mac system are quite important so will know what to do to prevent it and optimize back your slow Mac. You can speed it up by simply deleting the preference files that are corrupted and relaunching the whole associated applications. As much as possible also remove unneeded widgets on the Dashboard by simply navigating to the Dashboard control panel. Then run the Software Update in your Apple Menu to change the system preferences and schedule any software updates. If your Mac is running out of memory then upgrade the RAM too in order to boost its performance. Then make sure that there are no permission conflicts with installed applications and repair the ones with corrupt preferences using the Disk utility and then lastly reset the browser settings to clear out cache files and history browser files.

slow Mac system
There are a lot of reasons why you got slow Mac system and understanding what possible causes it will give you enough understanding how to prevent it too in the end. Try doing these simple tips and you can boost the performance of your Mac in quick and easy tips.