If you are having slow running Mac, then it’s just rightful that you do some maintenance tasks to speed up Mac performance. There is something that you can do about this and these tips will help you determine possible problems that cause your Mac to run slow.

Slow Running Mac, Ways to Speed Mac Performance

Slow running Mac is really a big problem if you just take it for granted in the long run. It only requires some hardware upgrading and software updating to make Mac system lean and clean just like before. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your Mac hardware is to buy an extra RAM for your Mac. Having too many files and applications can really cause your Mac to run slow and this requires some real hardware upgrading. Then another way to upgrade your Mac is to buy a faster hard drive. All of these steps require some investing on your part but you can expect fast Mac performance afterwards.

Aside from updating your Mac hardware, it also requires some software maintenance to make your Mac run faster. Here are helpful tips that you need to do with your Mac.

  1.  Run Cron Scripts: Running them can really clean your messy log files and optimize Mac system. You can do it daily, weekly and monthly. You can use third party utilities that will help you run cron scripts such as Onyx, Macaroni and Anacron.
  2. Optimize Prebindings: Every time an application is installed in the Mac system, its installer will finish the installation by way of optimizing it. Doing this will not only speed up Mac application but as well as the whole application.
  3. Repair Permissions: File permissions can be messy in your Mac OS X if it allows multiple user accounts. This will cause your Mac system to run slow so better try to run utilities such as Disk Utility, Macaroni and Onyx in order to repair these permissions.
  4. Get rid of wanted language packs: Doing this will not really speed up your Mac but will also free up some Mac hard drive space. There are some language packs that are not important so better remove them with utilities such as Monolingual and MacKeeper. It will somehow give you enough room for other important files on your Mac.

Aside from these tips above, there are other ways that you can do to speed up slow running Mac. It has something to do with emails, programs and browser. Just keep in mind that if you are not sure with your email attachments then better leave it unopened. This is better than to be sorry in the end. Before you install new applications on your Mac system, just make sure you know about the installer. It requires some additional software installation that is somehow unnecessary. And lastly use faster browser such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox on your Mac system.

If you got slow running Mac, just remember that hardware upgrade and software maintenance can do a lot to improve it and make it ran faster and better unlike before.