Over time, using your Mac machine you notice that it feels a little bit sluggish. Some programs tend to load slowly and process takes longer to finish. This can happen to your Mac no matter how you think that your Mac system is stable. If you already got slow running Mac performance remember that there are certain ways that you can do about it to speed things in your Mac.

Slow Running Mac, Simple Ways to Fix It


Having troubles with your slow running Mac, these simple fixing tips can boost your Mac performance easily.

1. Shut Down or restart Mac System. At times some applications got leak memory issues and it can cause your system to run slowly. If you are used to running Mac in weeks or months, you will notice over time that its performance will degrade over time. Make sure to restart or shut it down once in a while to clear out some issues on your applications.

2. Determine items in your start up menu. When applications are added in your Mac system, they are also placed automatically in the start up menu. Most of the time Mac users are not aware of this and they will be surprise later that they already got a lot of files piled up in the start up menu. If your Mac take longer to boot up then do your Mac a favor by opening the System Preferences>Accounts>select your accounts>Login Items and then remove unnecessary items in your start up menu.

3. Clear out System Preferences. There are other Preference options that you might no longer need, so remove these applications because this can only clutter your Mac hard drive. Just go over to the Library options and then select the Preference Pane.

4. Clear out Dashboard Widgets. Mac comes with handful of widgets that are quite useful for your Mac however this can consume most of your Mac memory. Disable some of them that are really not important to spare an extra space for other important files.

5. Run Time Machine Backup. It is important that you run a backup copy of all your files and applications. You can do this by running the Time Machine when your Mac system is idle. It will create a backup copy of your important files and applications and have it store in other storage location. Then you can delete them in your hard drive to have an extra space for new files.

6. Clean Mac hard drive. One of the many reasons why Mac run slow are files that are piled up in your Mac hard drive. Better delete some of unwanted files to have an extra space for other important files and processes.

7. Use some Mac cleaning utility tools. Mac comes with handful of cleaning utility tools so if you want to free some Mac space the try to use it in your Mac machine. You can choose Onyx, AppZapper, MacKeeper, Hazel, MacKeeper and many more. It can also remove unnecessary files and applications in your Mac machine and even repair some disk errors.

Having slow running Mac can be annoying. If you don’t want your Mac machine can experience this one then remember these simple fixing tips the next time your Mac is in trouble. Surely everything will run better and things will speed up.