Most Mac users commonly ask this problem every time they encounter that their Mac is running a little bit slow. How can they speed up Mac startup time and their Mac system in general? This is an inevitable realization that could happen to any Mac users and nobody just can’t ignore that this could happen to their Mac system. But no need to worry at all because these are some of the common tips that can help you speed up Mac in no time.

Speed Up Mac Tips

Try these simple suggestions that have been gathered from Mac user’s experience and have been proven to be effective for their Mac too.

  • Tip 1: Empty the Desktop
    This is quite simple, make sure to remove all cluttered files and folders in the desktop. You can even put in one folder in other location and save everything there.
  • Tip 2: Reset the Mac RAM
    First, shut down the computer and wait for 30 seconds and turn it on. Then hold down the Control>Option>P and R. The machine will light up then do it three times and the computer will boot up again.
  • Tip 3: Remove items on startup menu
    There are times that some apps will be included in the startup menu and most of them are really unnecessary. To fix this problem just simply navigate to System Preferences>Accounts and Login Items. Select on the list of apps the one that you want to remove and just simply click the minus button below.
  • Tip 4: Install Onyx and other Utility Tool
    There are a lot of cleaning utility for Mac like the Onyx that can be helpful in emptying cache files, cleaning the browser history and removing unnecessary files out in your Mac system. You can download these utility tools for free and can do great jobs to speed up Mac.
  • Tip 5: Try to create a new user account
    This tip can be a little drastic when everything fails to happen. You can create a new account on your Mac system and then try logging in to the system to see if something changes. If this is not still effective try reinstalling Mac OS X that could be a drastic move that you could do and create a new account as your main account. Just make sure if you consider this last option try to back up everything before you start reinstalling it.

Conclusion om How to Speed Up Mac

Moreover as you use your Mac system, having some performance issues is not new to any system no matter how powerful it is. But with your computer, you don’t need to worry on how to speed up Mac because there are several ways that you can do to tune up its performance and take note; you don’t need to speed a lot of money for it. Just follow these five simple tips above before you perform any drastic move to speed up Mac performance. Just make sure that before you do this you back up everything and choose the right utility tool for your Mac too.