Ever wonder how you can speed up Mac start up time or how to speed up Mac in general? These are two common questions that most Mac user would ask regarding their system. Over time you will realize that your Mac isn’t running fast like the way it used to be. And as you noticed that it just gets slower every time you can use and you just can’t ignore the reality that there is already something wrong with your Mac. But not for long, these simple tips that I will share with you will somehow lessen your burden and will help you speed up in the process.

Speed Up Mac With These Simple Tips

Here are some helpful suggestions that will help you how to speed up Mac in the simplest way.

    1. Tip 1: Empty the Desktop
      There is no really scientific findings regarding this tip but getting rid of all cluttered files and folders on the desktop will somehow improve the performance on your Mac. Better make a folder where you can move everything from these and decide the ones that you will have to remove out in the system.
    2. Tip 2: Reset Mac’s PRAM
      No matter how stable Mac system can be, it needs to be shut down for awhile. Once you shut it down, wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back. Once you push the power button hold down the control options plus the P and R. Then the screen will light up and the Mac chime will play. Do it again at least for three time and then release the keys afterwards and the computer will be ready to boot up again.
    3. Tip 3: Remove unnecessary items from the startup menu
      Once you install new applications from time to time, they will also be installed in the startup menu. Once you start the Mac OS these programs will run also. This will only degrade the booting time of Mac and the opening of other files and applications. If you want to settle this problem just open the System Preferences and then click Accounts and select login items. Determine the apps that are absolutely useless to you and then start removing it.
    4. Tip 4: Install utility such as Onyx
      These are simple yet handy applications that are quite reliable when it comes to emptying cache files, log files and even cleaning up the temporary files in your Safari. Onyx is a free utility that can be downloaded readily from the internet and have it installed in your Mac faster too.
    5. Tip 5: Create a new user account
      This can be a drastic move but in the long run this can be worth considering for. This seems like reinstalling your Mac OS X but this is quite a faster approach. This also means reconfiguring your software email and other password utilities too.

Performing these simple tasks is quite helpful to achieve the maximum performance of your Mac and speed up Mac also without the need to invest more money in the end.