Mac comes with a lot of tweaking tips that will eventually speed up Mac performance in no time every time that it feels a bit sluggish. These simple tips will surely enhance your Mac speed without the need for you to spend something in return. Here are some tips that you might want to do just to make sure everything in your Mac is in good condition.

Speed Up Mac Performance the Easy Way

Speed up Mac performance with these simple and easy tips below:

    1. Disable Dashboard. If you are not using your Dashboard, you can save your login processing time by simply disabling it. You can run this simple code so you can have save time during the login process, key in the following, defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES and just change YES or No to reverse the effect.
    2. Clean Mac Hard Drive. All the clutter in your Mac hard drive can really consume most of Mac space. Better go through to your Mac and then delete anything that you don’t use. Your Mac simply needs at least 10% free space to swap files and other processes in the memory.
    3. Clean the Desktop. Having too many icons on the desktop also mean that Mac has to deal with these from time to time and this only consumes RAM and disk space. Get rid any of these icons that are really unnecessary.
    4. Turn off icon previews. Having them in your folder, takes your Mac a lot of time to open up every single file and the time to preview all these icons. Better turn this off by simply clicking the Show View options and then disable the Shown Icon Preview options.
    5. Get rid off animations. Having animated backgrounds can be good but if you want your Mac computer to run quicker then better disable it under the Preference options. You will see an improvement once you start to run your Mac.
    6. Remove menu bar items. These items can also consume your memory and CPU cycles. Better remove the ones that you don’t want by simply clicking Command + drag icons off the menu bar.
    7. Update printer drivers. Old drivers can also consume most of your PCU time and RAM. Better search for the latest updates on this driver and install in your Mac machine.
    8. Update applications. It can consume most of your Mac space and even slow it down when programs are already old and obsolete. Run the Software Update or AppFresh utilities to keep up with the latest software releases on your Mac applications.
    9. Remove unnecessary peripherals. Peripherals that you don’t need more often can also slow down your Mac when they are attached to your Mac machine so better unplug them.
    10. Use solid background wallpaper. This is one of the speed tips that work in your Mac if you disable animated wallpapers and use a solid picture instead. You can save more time in downloading these images every time you start-up your Mac.

This simple speed up Mac performance tips will surely work in your Mac to improve its performance and keep it in good shape. Perform these more often and you will have no performance issues with your Mac.