Using your Mac for long time will somehow make it run slow over time. This is especially true if you are using too many applications and files in your Mac. You got to know some speed up Mac tips to prevent your Mac from getting in to trouble. Perform these simple tips below and you can bring back the best performance on your Mac without even spending too much on your budget.

Ways to Speed Up Mac

Just remember to these tips below and it will surely speed up Mac easily.

Change Desktop Background on your Mac. As much as possible avoid using animated desktop background on your Mac because this can consume most of your Mac spaces instead of using it for other files and applications. Just simply change it with still images such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF. You can do this by opening the Desktop then choose the Desktop Background options and right-click it.

Change the window background too. You can do this by simply navigating to Library, then Desktop Pictures, select pictures among the list like you did in changing your Desktop Background.

Tweak Scree Furniture as well. You can do this by simply clicking the System Preferences and Appearance if you want to change the user’s interface. Other option that you could try for is changing the Highlight color and smooth scrolling menus to make the screen look simple when you click the screen.

Change the Expose Controls. This is another utility for Mac that helps you find the right window among applications thar are open and running. It is activated by shortcut keys and mouse pointers to the corners of the screen. If you press this one you can reduce all open windows side by side.

Label the toolbar. If you are using toolbar icons a lot then chances are you can’t remember all of them so better label them too by simply right clicking the toolbar, select the Icon and Text options and then label each available button.

Use only Desktop Items that You Need. Determine only icons, apps and files that you need to use in your Desktop and remove the rest that are unnecessary to you. This will reclaim an extra space for your other files and even speed your Mac somehow.

Customize the Dock Shortcuts. Remove other icons and items in your Dock that are useless to you too. This will prevent them from filing up in your screen. Just choose the plain options on the list of Dock settings. Doing this will make your Dock a lot simple and less cluttered.

Repair some Preference files. Mac tend to run slow at times due to these corrupted preference files so better repair them by navigating to Disk Utility options and then select the Repair Disk Permission among the options. It can do a lot in improving the performance of your Mac.

Do these practical tips if you really want to speed up Mac performance. This is quite easy to do and you don’t even need to spend something on your budget.