No matter how fast and realible Mac systems are, its usage are increasing as you fill up your hard drive with files and applications. Over time you feel a slow situation with your Mac machine but there are simple tricks that you can do to speed up Mac system that will double speed unlike before. Even if you think that your Mac is pretty much faster, but then if you have large amount of applications and files in the system this can really slows it down. Here are simple methods that can make your Mac system faster and better.

Speed up Mac System

  1. 1.Disable Dashboard Widgets

    If you want to speed up your Mac OS X then open the terminal.App found under the Applications>Utilities>Terminal. You can do this the other way by entering the “Terminal” in spotlight in order to open it. Then copy the following code into the terminal and press Enter: (without cascades). Then after doing this just type the and hit Enter again. You will see that your Dashboard widgets are disabled.

  2. 2. Speed up the Mac Boot Time

    Any applications that you manually run should also open faster. If you want to this just remove extra icons in the dock. Even if it is just a simple tip, it does help a lot to improve performance on your Mac and speed up your Mac boot time. If you also got a messy files on your desktop then organize them using folders and this can already make a bigger difference in improving the system. For your desktop icons too simply put them into the right folder and this can help a lotin improving the Mac system.

  3. 3. Repair Disk Permissions

    Part of this is checking the permissions for files and folders on your Mac and check for any discrepancies if there are any. You can run the Disk Utility from the Spotlight or navigating under the Applications>Utlities>Disk Utility. You can select the volume that you want and then run the Verify Disk Permissions and Repair Disk Permissions.

  4. 4. Clear Caches and Log Files

    This is one of the reason of Mac slow down particularly the temporary files, font caches, and other system files. You can delete them by simply accessing the Applications>Utilities>Terminal. Then enter this command to completely remove them.

  5. speed up Mac

  6. 5. Remove Unnecessary Language Packs

    This is another task that will add a bit of speed on your Mac. Another way to free a ,ot of hard drive space is remove languages that you no longer need. The easiest way to remove them is using the Monolingual utility that are available for download anytime. It has three separate tabs that you need to select some stuff and remove them under each tab. These tabs are Languages, Input Menu and Architectures.

These are simple tricks that I will know will speed up Mac system easily. Doing this will speed up the system and make it faster and better unlike before.