Like Windows, Mac can also experience some performance issues. For some, they would upgrade and even spend a lot of money just to ensure that their Mac will perform better. This is a good way to do that but that is not always the case. There are a lot of ways on how to speed up Mac without having to spend some extra cash; all it takes are time and effort in order to take care of your Mac computer.
speed up Mac

Speed up Mac with Quick Easy Five Steps

If you want to speed up Mac without the need to spend some cash, then start with the basic steps below and take it from there.

  1. 1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Applications
    Applications can really fill up the hard disk space and it can be more annoying when these are really unnecessary. At times you will notice that it will take longer just to open or launch apps in the system. Just evaluate all these things. Why do you need to keep all these junks when it can cause the delay of your Mac system? The best thing that you can do is remove these unnecessary apps with the use of MacKeeper, AppCleaner and other cleaning utilities. They can perform better in removing preference files, icons, folders and other associated files with those apps. Just go over to the Application folders and see what are dispensable and the ones that you really need to get rid off.
  2. 2. Choose certain apps in start up menu
    If it takes longer to load the usual operation then chances are you might have a lot of stuff in the startup items. You can remove them by simply heading to System Preferences, click Accounts and then select the Login items. See what applications in the list that is unimportant and get rid of them too. By doing this will not only improve the Mac system but eventually saves your time during the booting process.
  3. 3. Clear out the Dashboard
    What great about Mac is that it comes with tons of widgets and most of them are really unimportant to you. This will only consume memory space and you have lesser room for other important files. Just determine certain widgets that you really need and clear out the rest in the Dashboard. This will even help you to save more space and make a room for other important files.
  4. 4. Use third party cleaning utilities
    Talking about cleaning utilities for Mac, the long lists are available for you. Some perform department tasks and there are some that can really optimize and speed up Mac. Other tasks that it can perform are repairing disk permissions, scanning and removing threats and viruses, locating for duplicate files, backing up files, etc. If you use them in your Mac, it can really rejuvenate its performance. Just choose the right one that is compatible with your Mac system.
  5. 5. Update software and the Mac OS as well
    Applications that are outdated can really cause your slow Mac performance. If you don’t want this to happen them might as well update your applications and even the whole Mac system. There are updates that are available in just a few clicks and there are even ready to be downloaded anytime. You can run the Software Update so you can get the latest OS and apps.
  6. These are just few simple tips on how to speed up Mac without investing money on the other side. Do this more often and your sluggish Mac will be revive soon.