If you’re asking yourself how can i speed up my mac read on…

Most Mac user think that Mac system don’t slow over time however when I wanted to speed up my mac , last year I soon realize that Mac machine got some performance issues just like the Windows platform. This can be attributed to many things but the main reason are applications and files that are cluttered in the Mac hard disk.

You can do a lot of things to speed up your Mac because there are thousand of tips that will help you how to do it. You can clean the cache, reduce Mac machine temperature or reset the system once in a while. Some tips are not quite effective so be careful with instructions that you merely get from others. But then if you want some genuine tips to make your Mac run faster, here are guaranteed tips that I use to speed up my Mac.

Speed Up My Mac Tips

The first thing i knew that will instantly speed up my mac is Installing an extra RAM. This will make your Mac run faster but this will require you to spend some cash. But then this is quite effective because installing at least an extra 2GB of RAM on your Mac machine will make a big difference on its performance. This is especially true if you got so many applications installed in your Mac. It will only be a good deal if you install an extra RAM for all these files.

I found this trick that speed up my mac.  Every time folders are created in your Mac, it requires some caching by Mac OS X and Spotlight will index it. If this can happen it can cause your Mac system to slow down. If you don’t want this to happen avoid creating unnecessary files and folders and it will be better if you organized them in your Mac system. It is even wiser if you removed large files, folders and applications on your Mac and store it in other location.

To speed up my mac i also run maintenance tool once a month. Mac got of plenty of disk maintenance tools and some of it even comes for free. They are handy when it comes to cleaning cache files, logs and other temporary files. It is also capable of correcting indexing problems that slow down Mac over time. Some of maintenance tool for your Mac are MacKeeper, Onyx, Hazel, Cocktail, etc.

Another way that helps speed up my mac is to remove System Preference Pane. There are some preferences that you no longer need so better remove them by simply opening the System Preferences or go to the Library>Preference Panes folder.

But then before you start doing this, be careful because you may also reset some preferences on your other applications. it recommended to use apps that can do it.

Also try to remove items in the start up menu. I can helped me to  speed up my mac. Some applications are installed and place automatically in the login menu that takes your Mac to boot up longer over time. Better remove the unnecessary ones by simply going to System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items and remove the items on the list by clicking the minus button.

Mac user would brag that their system is quite stable but over time Mac machine slows down because of too many files and applications used in the system. so to  speed up my Mac, remember these guaranteed tips that made my mac run faster and clean.

To Speed up my mac i’ve also used mackeeper