Reality, no matter how we keep our system running faster, there are times that Mac slows down. This is quite true especially if you use too many files and applications on your Mac machine that can fill up the hard disk space in the long run. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to speed up this problem quite so easily. For your Mac speed up tips try considering these simple tips below.

Mac Slows Down, Ways to Speed it Up

If Mac slows down, try considering these proven ways to speed up Mac performance.

    1. Upgrade the Hardware: This is one of the easiest ways to speed up your slow down Mac. This is one of the tips that require some investing on extra RAM and larger hard drive. If you intend to do this on your Mac just make sure you consult the experts so you will know if what type and model does your Mac needs. It will be helpful also if you learn to read manuals because it can help a lot in speeding things. But then, these tips should be your last recourse if the other alternative solutions won’t work.
    2. Clean up Desktop: Having cluttered desktop with unnecessary files, icons and applications can somehow degrade your Mac performance. If you don’t want this to happen then might as well perform some cleaning act. Icons and other files on your Desktop can consume memory space. At first this might not be an issue but over time this can already be annoying on your desktop, so if you don’t want your Mac desktop will suffer, put them in other location to spare an extra space.
    3. Remove unwanted items on startup menu: If your Mac is taking longer to load the startup menu then it’s about time to open up the System Preferences>Accounts>choose account and Login Items. You will see in the list all the applications that are included in your start up menu, decide the ones that are not important to you and remove them by hitting the minus button. After doing this you will notice that your Mac performance will greatly improved.
    4. Speed up slow applications:At times when you say you got slow Mac, this usually means slow applications. If you got this kind of problem then better yet try doing these helpful tips:Dashboard Widgets- They are considered useful tools but having too many of them in your Mac can eat up system resources. This will not only cause your Mac to run slow but will consume most of your Mac space that other important files might need. Better open the Applications folder then the Utilities options and Activity Monitor. You will already see what applications are using most of your memory space so better disable some of the widgets that are really not important to you.Browsers-It tends to run slow over time too because of browser history and other temporary files. You can somehow improve its speed by deleting them; uninstalling extensions and eliminating add-ons can also speed up the browser operation.

No matter what we do to speed up Mac, there will come a time that Mac slows down over this is quite true if you have so many files and applications that needs to be stored in your Mac. But knowing these speed up tips that you can do with your slow Mac, you will know how to handle the problem just in case.