It is common scenario that you experience some slow Mac performance. This can be attributed to different reasons. If you got already this Mac problem, then try to consider tidying up Mac machine and you can bring your Mac performance like a brand new machine.

Tidying Up Mac Tips, Ways How to Speed Up Mac

Here are recommended tidying up Mac tips to ensure your Mac run faster and perform better.

Got Slow Mac Startup?

How long does it take to start up your Mac machine? If it takes longer minutes then you already have a problem there. Do some fixing tips to resolve this problem and you can do this by reducing the number of applications that are included in your startup menu. You can only select important programs that you will only need when you load every time in your Mac machine. It is even easier to delete them by clicking the System Preferences>Accounts>select accounts>Login Items. Then choose over the list of applications that you no longer need and then hit the minus button.

How to Deal with Cluttered Hard Disk?

If you got cluttered Mac hard disk then you need Disk Utility for it. You can try third party disk utilities such as Onyx, MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, Hazel, AppDelete, AppZapper, etc. You can even download it for free and fully use its trial version. This will remove useless files that only clog your Mac hard drive. This will also reclaim extra space on your Mac for other important files and applications. It will even increase your Mac speed by as much as 50% and will lessen the chance of your Mac hard drive to get fragmented. Aside from that cache and other Internet browser files will be cleared out in your Mac system.

Not Enough Hard Drive Space

If you use too many files and applications, how much available spaces do your Mac hard drive needs? If you use almost its maximum capacity then chances are performance will get affected and cause it to run slower. You can use inexpensive external drives to store unnecessary and large files from your Mac system. This will speed up Mac and somehow reclaim an extra space for your Mac.

Mac Machine, Slow Mac Performance

If don’t want to see the spinning beach ball icon in your Mac then use certain utilities that will defrag your Mac. This will speed up Mac in no time and even resolve any discrepancies that your Mac system has. It will even optimize your Mac system ensuring that it will run faster afterwards.

Unavailable RAM Memory
If you got larger RAM then the better is your Mac speed. You normally need at least 10% of free Mac space in order to have smooth operations when your Mac swap files from hard disk to the memory. However if your Mac is already filled up with too many files chances are Mac performance will degrade somehow. So better add an extra one if you need more space for your files and applications.

Mac system can be very slow at times and it is necessary that you do some tidying up Mac tips just to ensure that Mac system is good as new.

Originally posted 2011-11-27 10:45:40.