So, it’s time to update your Safari browser. Don’t worry, there is only positive changes that are going to be made. Apple has even came out with a couple features that have never been seen before on a web browser. Not all of the features that are offered are listed in this article, but a few of my favorite I have listed. Also, there are some added features that haven’t been developed by Apple themselves, some are from other web developers.

Safari 5.0 Comes With New Features That Will Change The Way We Browse The Internet

Safari Reader

If you are anything like me then you probably love learning new information. You probably learn new information by reading different articles on the Internet. One thing I don’t like is how easily it is to become distracted by all the other text and images on the same page of the article. Safari Reader has taken the problem and solved it for us. With a simple click on the button on the toolbar, Safari Reader will extract the text and images from the article section and display them in readable font. Safari Reader is also a great way to email or print easier.

Smart Address Field

When researching on the Internet, we usually visit many different websites. These websites usually have long web addresses with even longer extensions on the end of them. When you start to type in the website or the topic you are researching, a drop down menu will come up with the websites you have recently visited. This feature can be easily overlooked, but once you have used another web browser you will notice the difference. This becomes something that is wonderful when you may forget the name of a site, but you know it had a general name.

Bing Support When Searching

Sometimes the more choices we have between different search engines is the best way to find the top results we are looking for. Apple now supports Bing for a default search engine in Safari. Google will always be the default search engine, but now you will be able to select between Google, Yahoo and Bing. To switch your search engine preference you will want to click on “Safari” then “Preferences” and then “General” You will have the option to select Bing from the drop down menu and save it to your default search engine.

Safari Extension Support

Extensions is something that many Safari users have been waiting for. Extensions have been available in other web browsers like FireFox and Chrome, but Apple have went a bit further with Safari 5.0. When an extension is installed, you will get a new tab in your Safari preferences. This tab will allow you to manage your installed extensions. You will also be able to turn off your extensions with a click of your mouse.

You may need to enable your extensions if you install an extension and get an error. This error is very simple to fix. You will need to go to the “Develop” tab and then click on “Enable Extensions”. You may not have a “Develop” menu, so you can enable it by navigating to the “Advanced “ tab in “Safari Preferences”.

Enhanced Tab Settings

In the earlier versions of Safari, when you click on a another program it will open up a new instead of a new tab. Now with Safari 5.0, while using tabbed browsing you can also select a setting where all the links can open in a new tab not a new window. To enable this feature you will want to navigate to “Tab Preferences” and select “Always” from the drop down menu that says Open pages in tabs instead of windows.

So to sum it all up, there are many different cool things you can do with Safari 5.0 to make your web browsing more personal and enjoyable. With so many new features that come with Safari 5.0, it is hard to want to upgrade. All of the features are very easy to navigate and only make web browsing more enjoyable.

50 Melisse Deering

Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.