Ever wonder how you can tweak your Mac application and run it on top of its speed? You can do simple ways for your Mac tune up even your Lion and other OS version can benefit from it. Follow these simple guides on how you can help your Mac to run on top of its speed and tune up mac.

Tune Up Mac Simple Tips

The first that you need to do is tune up your individual apps that is installed in your Mac, because if you do this, you can pretty well improve your overall Mac performance. Here are few tricks to do it:

Safari: Clean you Safari’s AutoFill lists because this can grow tremendously to bigger size without you knowing it. You can do this by selecting Safari>Preferences and then select AutoFill pane. Select User Name, Password and other Forms that you no longer need and then remove it. It is not recommended to use the Remove All options because it an delete items that are still important to you. Safari can store hundred of Web pages that are visited recently but in the long run this can make your browser to run slower, so try deleting by clearing the History. Clearing your cache can improve your Mac. Most of the time cache files can really cause your browser to load images and web pages slowly.

Firefox: You can tweak this app to by getting the G5 version to optimize the performance of your Mac system. You can even customize some of the hidden settings by typing the command about:config in the address bar. Having too many extensions can also drag your browser’s performance better remove some of it by going to the Tool options then choose Extensions and select the ones that you no longer need and click the Uninstall options.

Mail: Having too many messages in your mailbox is another problem that can slow its performance. If you got more than 1,000 messages in your mailbox better split it in two to get smaller mailboxes. File your incoming messages as soon as you got them. It is wiser also if you check your mail less often. You can schedule it by selecting the Mail options>Preferences>General and choose the less frequent schedule. Select only addresses that you use more often so better delete the rest that you really don’t need at all and you can do this by choosing Previous Recipients options and select the addresses and remove it from the list.

iCal: This holds any special events that you have. If you got calendar files that are already old, better remove it. If you want to make a copy, you can do so by selecting the file and choose the File options and then Export. To remove the files select iCal Preferences>Advanced button and then select the Delete Events.

Conclusions on tuning up your Mac

Doing these simple tips can really tune up Mac Lion and other OS versions, just make sure you tweak your individual apps to improve their performance and eventually it can affect the overall performance of your Mac computer.

There are also good mac utility software that can help you to tune up Mac.