Mac can become slow over time especially if Mac hard disks get filled with files and applications. However there are simple ways that will handle this problem and will bring back you Mac in good running condition. Try these tweaking and tidying up Mac tips and surely your system will run as brand new.

Tweaking and Tidying Up Mac, Simple Ways to Do It

    1. Turn off iDisk Syncing: If you are not using this application better turn it off in your Mac.
    2. Use Computer shortcuts: You can speed up your Mac processes too by learning to use the shortcuts and not going through each menu.
    3. Make Applescripts: This is another way to speed up Mac by creating Applescripts and workflows for common tasks that you normally do everyday.
    4. Use Wired Mouse. Bluetooth mouse is the trend today but this can lag. This is especially true with your Mac laptop when batteries are low, this can also work slower.
    5. Use a wired keyboard as well: Wireless keyboard can slow down your tasks too so better use the wired instead.
    6. Use LAN and not Wi-fi: LANs are applicable for your Mac. Although wi-fi connection can be ideal in certain areas where cable can’t reach it. Better install a LAN cable so your internet performance will work faster too.
    7. Upgrade Network Architecture: Old Mac LAN can be very slow so better upgrade your network to see a bigger improvement on your Mac.
    8. Upgrade RAM: Doing this one will surely improve your slow acting Mac. If you got more RAM then the faster your Mac will run too.
    9. Install a Fast Hard Drive: Getting a new and fast hard drive also means a faster access time to run the computer. This will allow your system to consume less time in looking for some applications in your Mac.
    10. Turn off Application preferences: Having program preferences can be good but if you really want to increase the time your program will run and open them turn off anything that you don’t need at all.
    11. Avoid using Classic applications: If you want some speedy action on your Mac then stop using the old classic OS 9 then look for the latest version.
    12. Find shortcuts for Mac Apps: You can save a lot of time and improve Mac work if you learn certain methods in opening certain files in your Mac.
    13. Keep Mac Cools: When CPU is heat then it can slow down Mac performance. If you want to keep your CPU life then better keep it cool to make sure that your Mac is on top of the shape.
    14. Reboot: At times your Mac can file up junks in the RAM. The fastest way to get rid of them is simply reboot your Mac computer and start a fresh operation.
    15. Clean Mac Computer: If Mac is dirty then this also means hotter. Clean your Mac more often to make sure that everything is in good condition.

Just follow these simple tweaking and tidying up Mac tips to make sure that everything is running in good condition with your Mac.