Ever notice that your Mac machine is a lit bit slow and sluggish when it comes to its performance. There are some applications that load slowly and some operations to take longer to finish. In reality this can all happen to your Mac no matter you think that the system is stable. If you already got problem with the slow performance on your Mac then do these simple tips that will upgrade Mac speed in the process. They are easy and simple so you can perform it right away in your Mac.

Shut down or restart Mac Computes. There are certain times that applications in your Mac got some memory issues and this eventually make your system run slower. If you are already using your Mac non-stop for weeks or months now, then restart or shut it down for awhile because this can really degrade the performance on your Mac. This can clear out some issues on your applications that have memory leak.

Monitor items in the startup menu. Every time applications are installed in the system they are also placed in the startup menu list. Most users are not aware that this can happen and they will be surprise how many files they got in their startup menu. Having too many of them in the startup menu will degrade the performance on your Mac and this can even take longer to boot. Just do your Mac a favor and better remove some of them in the list by simply opening the System Preferences>Accounts>select accounts>Login Items. Then choose which one to keep or not.

Clear out System Preferences. Take a look also in other Preference options that are unnecessary to you. Remove them too because they can only clutter your Mac hard drive. You can do this by opening the Library and then select Preference Pane option.

Remove Dashboard Widgets. Mac comes with handful of widgets that maybe useful to you but then remind yourself also that they can consume Mac resources particularly the drive space. Give an extra room by removing some of them that are less important to you.

Run the Time Machine. If you want to make a copy for your large and important files before storing it in another locations then better perform some backup just in case your system fails. After the backup and storage location in other places it’s about time to delete them completely out in the system.

Clean Mac Hard Drive. One of the very reasons why your Mac got the tendency to run slow is files and applications that are piling up in the hard drive. Better remove some of them to have enough space for other files and upgrade how your Mac runs too.

Run some maintenance utility tool in your Mac. You got handful of options to choose for using these tools. They are effective in removing unwanted files and applications, deleting cache and temporary logs and repairing some disk errors. You can choose applications such as AppZapper, MacKeeper, Hazel and others to help you do it.

If you want to upgrade Mac performance these simple tips will surely handle it for and expect to see instant results afterwards.