If you experience some Mac performance issues, no need to worry at all because there are a lot of tips that you can do to upgrade Mac performance easily without the need to invest too much on it. These simple tips are quite easy thing to do and you don’t need to be tech savvy just to make your Mac run on its top speed.

Upgrade Mac Performance with 5 Easy Tips

To upgrade Mac performance just remember that it requires some common sense to maintain your software and hardware and offer the most utmost care for your Mac system. Try these simple tips and these are all handy in keeping your Mac in good shape.

  1. 1. Add hard drive space

    Cluttered drives have proven to be one of the reasons for Mac to run slow. If the hard drive is full these prevent the Mac system from storing information from memory to the hard drive when needed. You can determine the hard drive capacity and space with the use of utility known as the Finder then select the hard drive and click File and Get Info options. After clicking this one you can get the information regarding the capacity of your Mac hard drive space that is used by the system. If you no longer need all these files better remove it and this will bring back your Mac to its normal speed.

  2. 2. Upgrade Mac Memory

    Normally Mac needs at least two gigabytes of memory to keep the system work normally however if you have so many files and applications, on your Mac the try to upgrade your Mac memory. You will see that adding more memory will resolve some Mac performance issues that you have.

  3. 3. Get Rid of Unwanted Files

    One of the main reasons why your Mac is running slow is files that are scattered in the Mac system. You can get rid of these files by simply resetting the PRAM. This will clear out caches and other log files in the logic board that can be one of the reasons for having a sluggish Mac system. You can reset the PRAM, you need to reboot the system then hold down the keyboard and press the Option + Command + P and R at the same time during the booting process. Then wait for few seconds and the Mac system will reboot again. Then you already reset the PRAM.

  4. 4. Perform Files Archive

    You can also remove unnecessary files in your Mac system by archiving it. But before doing this just be sure to backup all your important files.

  5. 5. Reinstall Mac OS
    Reinstalling the operating system is one of the quickest ways that you can do to speed up the performance of your Mac. However this can be risky so be sure to backup all your important files and applications in other portable location. Then after reinstalling the whole system you can bring back your Mac to its normal speed.

upgrade Mac performance

To upgrade Mac performance is quite easy. With these tips above you can keep your Mac performance on its top shape without the need to spend too much on it.