As a Mac user, there are common problems that can cause your Mac system to run slow. It can be attributed to different reasons. However there are several ways that you can do about it to make your Mac run fast. Here are some of common problems on Mac machine and several ways to keep them running as good as new.

Mac Run Fast by Doing These Simple Tips

Slow Mac Startup

When you switch your Mac, how long normally does it take to start up? If it takes several minutes then you already have a problem with these. It’s about time you do some Mac fixing and the better way to resolve this problem is to reduce the number of applications on your startup menu. You can change the setting of your Mac and allow only important programs to load at the startup menu. It would be useful to remove them by clicking System Preferences>Accounts>select accounts>Login Items. Identify on the list all the applications that are unnecessary and hit the minus button.

Cluttered Hard Disk

Do you have a clean-up Disk utility for your Mac? If not, then it’s about time that you should get one. You can try utilities such as MacKeeper, Onyx, CleanMyMac, AppDelete, etc. Some of them comes with free downloadable trial version that you can use in your Mac system. They come in handy in identifying useless files that will only clog up and fill up your Mac hard drive. They will even reclaim some of your Mac hard drive space to be used for other important files in your Mac machine. These applications will not only make Mac run fast but will also increase its speed by as much as 50%. Over time this will only cause your Mac hard disk to become fragmented. They can also clear out some of your cache files as well as Internet browser files.

Not Enough Hard Drive Space

How much available space do you have in your Mac hard drive? If it is closer to its maximum capacity, the more chances that your Mac system will run slow. However there are plenty of inexpensive external drives that will store large files. You can use them to transfer large and old files so that you can reclaim an extra space on your hard disk. It would be useful if you can remove some of the software that you don’t use regularly.

Slow Mac Performance

If you dreaded to see the spinning beach ball all the time in your Mac then it’s about time to use Mac defragmenter applications. If you already feel that your Mac slowed down, then do some Mac hard disk defragmenting. This can eventually speed up Mac in no time. There are defragmenter tools for your Mac that can defrag your hard disk and optimize the file system to ensure that your Mac will run faster.

Not Enough RAM memory

The larger amount of RAM that your Mac has the better will be its speed. Your Mac need at least 10% free space on memory in order to have smooth and efficient operations in swapping files from your hard disk to memory and vice versa. If your Mac memory is already filled up with files then its performance will degrade.

These are possible realities that can cause your Mac to run slow. But knowing simple tips on how to handle these Mac problems will eventually help you to make Mac run fast.