You got your Mac machine but over time you notice that it is a little bit slow unlike the first time you bought it. This is quite true for any system because the hard disk space will be filled with files and applications as you use your Mac machine daily. Over time as these files begun to fill up the hard drive space this can really slow down Mac. But there are a lot of things that you can do about it in order to speed things up.

Slow Down Mac, Ways to Speed it Up

The next time you got slow down Mac, remember these helpful tips that will improve its performance somehow.

  1. Upgrade the Hardware: This is the easiest way to speed up Mac performance. But before adding an extra RAM on your Mac just make sure that you read all the manuals and Apple expert’s advice if it is compatible with your Mac or not. This is one way to speed up Mac that requires some investing.
  2. Clear out Desktop: Icons on your Mac desktop is one of the reasons that can slow down your Mac too. Often times these icons are treated as opened window and consume Mac memory too because they are using system resources. Move them instead in other location or place it in one folder to save an extra space for your other important files. Doing this will somehow improve the performance of your Mac machine.
  3. Get Rid of Unwanted Items in the Startup Menu: If you already got startup menu that is taking longer to respond then it’s about time to delete some applications that you don’t need in the startup menu. Mac installs some of these applications automatically in the start up menu without you knowing it. If you want to know what applications are in your start up menu, then open the System Preferences, click accounts then select your account and Login items. You will be surprise how many items are included in the startup menu. Identify which applications are important to you and remove the ones that are really unnecessary by hitting the minus button. This will not only speed up the login process but will also add extra space for your other items.
  4. Clear out unwanted Dashboard Widgets: There are a lot of widgets available on your Mac. Some of them are useful while some are annoying on your Dashboard. Better yet, identify the ones that are only important to you and remove the ones that are really unnecessary. This can do a lot to give an extra space for other important items on your Mac system.
  5. Clear out browser history: Browser is one of the useful applications on your Mac system but this is one of the culprits why your Mac tends to run slow. Clear out the browser history and temporary files that get accumulated with your browser because in the long run these can really degrade the Mac performance.

Over time having slow down Mac is quite normal especially if you use too many applications and files but these can file up in the hard drive space. If they get accumulated in the long run this can really cause your Mac to run slow. If you don’t want this to happen to your Mac then better do these simple tips above on how you can speed up things the easiest way.