Just like any other computers, Mac slow down as it aged. This is even real when applications and files are stored in hard disk causing it to bog down in the long run. When Mac already runs slowly, there is a tendency that applications take longer to load, files are hard to locate and system crashes from time to time. You can avoid this one on your Mac when you follow these outlined steps that will enhance Mac performance in return.

Mac Slow Down, What to Do to Improve its Speed

When you experienced Mac slow down, just do these simple tips that will keep your Mac running as good as new.

    1. Clean up Mac Desktop, Dock and Finder Windows
    If you want your Mac to run better then do something with how it looks. If you got a lot of icons in the Dock then better remove the unnecessary ones. If you have some programs that you need more often then you can add them to the Dock or Finder menu. If you want to finish your work faster then make your Mac efficient by simply personalizing and organizing on you can access it in your Mac everyday.

    2. Control Spam on your Mac
    Emails is important application on your Mac because it can store your business and personal files altogether. However a simple carelessness can attract a huge amount of spam in your email inbox. This can even consume your memory space and will cause it to load longer instead. It is better that you take control of these spam before it starts just in case you want to avoid any problems later on in your email applications. You can do it by organizing three different email accounts, one for primary, backup and disposable. Doing this will somehow minimize spam in your email account. Choose primary emails that are quite uncommon and avoid using it on newsgroup, vendors on the Web and anywhere else.

    3. Remove of Useless Font
    Fonts are quite important in your Mac. However fonts with the same style yet different names, unorganized fonts or duplicate fonts can really slow down Mac system and can even cause some system crashes. Fonts are everywhere stored in your hard drive. So it will be better that you only determine the ones that are important to you and that you need more often then remove the rest. You can use third party applications that will strip out a gigabyte of fonts on your Mac to enhance its performance a lot better unlike before.

    4. Clean up Desktop
    Having too many icons on your Mac desktop can really cause it to run slowly. If you want to improve your Mac then arrange these icons and use only the ones that are really unnecessary. It will be helpful that you choose the ones that are less important and store it in other locations to clean your Mac desktop.

    Mac system can really slow down as it aged but along the way you can do simple things to enhance the performance of the system especially if Mac slow down. You can try these simple tips and you will notice that it can make a big difference on your Mac.