Widgets Mac OS

There are thousands of available Desktop widgets Mac. Some are useful while others can just create your desktop messy. So if you are not quite sure what widgets Mac to put on your dashboard, then here’s a simple guide for you. I conducted and gathered here Mac Widgets.

Widgets has been one of the standard features of Mac OS X. Thousands of it are already installed on your Mac. If you want to get widgets Mac for free, here are some of the top widgets Mac that stand out among the others:

iStat Nano

This is a widgets Mac that monitors the system. The interface has a tiny footprint and animated design that is very attractive. This widget provides you with detailed information regarding the Mac and even allows the use to customize it where you can select different seven skin colors that you like. It is helpful in giving you a quick idea how much the disk space that the system has, the IP address of the computer and even the CPU usage. Although this widget is small, it will show you the detailed statistics of Mac hard drive space CPU usage, bandwidth usage, fan speed, temperature and a lot more. You only need to flip the widget so that you can see which drives or sensors are shown. It comes for free and this was developed by iSlayer.


If you are into social networking, then Twidget is right for you. With this dashboard widgets Mac you can update your Twitter status any time you want. It comes handy in checking for any recent updates and messages that are posted in your Twitter account. The interface is nicely designed, so simple yet very useful and this is completely free to download. How to use this one? So simple, just log in to your Twitter account, download the Twidget app, enter your username and password and then you can already update your friends for your status. The widget is developed by Aquabox.

Screenshot Plus

This widgets Mac can capture you full screen and other portions of it. It even captures the desktop icons, windows and other widgets on your Mac. Then the captured photos can be saved in the clipboard, hard drive and other storage location. It even exports it to other applications and supports any type of formats such as png, tiff, jpg, pdf and gif. Its timer will allow the widget to automatically take a shot after 10 seconds that will give the user enough time to set up the screen. It displays the preview of the photos that are being captured and with one click from the widget; it will stack everything in your Photo album. The widget is available in French, Dutch, Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese language. It comes for free and developed by Steven Chaitoff.



Currency Converter

This is a very useful widget that every Mac OS X should have. It supports over 200 currencies and works accurately in converting money to your desired currency format. This is from the Palple Software developers and offered to Mac users free of charge.

Time Machine Buddy

This helps your Time Machine if it is taking so long to perform its tasks. This is very helpful in organizing and displaying system logs that are generated during the backing up process. You can monitor what is happening while the backing up process is going on. Other tasks that it is capable of is detecting any missing log files, identifying any incorrect permission, fix any information and skip truncated messages. This widget also comes for free and offered by BlueDog.


This is suitable for music lovers out there who would love to see the video of their particular song without the need Top Widgetsto look and surf in the internet. This is very handy for your Mac. This is developed by Philip Andrews and offered to Mac OS for free.

Conclusion on best widgets Mac

Widgets Mac come in different types and kinds and when you opt for the best, the 6 are some of the top widgets Mac. This is my pick and I know good enough for your Mac OS too so download desktop widgets Mac.