“..Should I be worried that my mac will get a virus ?!”

How do I get rid of a virus on my mac?‎

Consider all the things you do with your Mac for personal use alone: you pay bills, purchase groceries, clothes, medications, etc., deposit money, talk to friends and family, link with your child’s school, order dinner, read books, and much more. Now consider how you do all of these things without your Mac? Of course, if you’re also using your Mac for academic, or work purposes, you face an even greater challenge if you ever lose it.

Because we rely so heavily on our Mac, when something happens to it we naturally feel frustrated, and probably even a bit lost. This means that we of course want to do what we can to make sure that our Mac keeps running its best, as well as protect it from any threats. Knowing that one of the worst things that can happen to our Mac is a virus, we should then consider installing a Mac antivirus program.

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Do You Need Mac Antivirus Software?

You already know how much you rely on your Mac for everyday things like storing family photos, or even swamping documents with clients, so there’s no question that you would do anything to keep it safe. However true this statement is, many Mac owners still question the need for a Mac antivirus software program. Those that feel it is unnecessary, say that it is because their Mac is simply not as prone to malicious virtual attackers.

Although it’s true that a Mac computer is less prone to attack then other operating systems, it is also true that our Mac is not 100% safe from viruses. Apple says it best: “no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat.” They continue on to say that you may wish to use a third party antivirus software program to help protect your Mac.

It should also be noted that by having a Mac antivirus program, you can help protect those with an OS that is not as secure. This is because, although your Mac OS X is able to prevent most infected files from hurting your machine to the full effect, doesn’t mean that you can’t act as a carrier and pass them on to your less fortunate PC friends. Therefore, it is a good idea for every Mac owner to protect themselves, and their friends, by using a Mac antivirus program.

In Addition to Mac Antivirus Software, What Else Can Be Done?

In addition to using third party virus protection, you should also know about a few other techniques you can use to keep your Mac safe. The first one is to install your OS X software updates on a regular basis. If the update pops up, especially a security update, you should take a moment and install it right then. Security updates are one reason that Macs are so resistant to viruses, therefore, if you ignore these updates long enough you may fail to protect your Mac from a widely publicized threat.

The next way to protect your Mac is to use FileVault, which is on your Mac. You can find it by going to System Preferences, and click on Security. Here you will find FileVault. Using FileVault, you can now encrypt all the data in your home folder, making it harder for anyone to get to. Some Mac antivirus programs also have a data encryption feature.

Lastly, in addition to an antivirus program keep your Mac safe from viruses by being smart when you’re on the Internet. Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know or acknowledge mass email forwards from people you do know. Don’t download anything from sources you know nothing about. And, if your Mac tells you that a site is bad and that you shouldn’t enter it, then listen to it!

Getting Mac Antivirus Software is Something You Won’t Regret

Although the above steps can help keep your Mac safe, you will still have to worry about potential security threats if you don’t add a Mac antivirus program. The one that has the most awards, and that has been tailored fitted for your Mac, is called MacKeeper. The other benefit to using it as your antivirus program, is that it has multiple features that are all there to keep your Mac running at its fastest, smoothest, and safest.

If, like most Mac owners, your Mac is the hub of your home and/or work, you may regret it if you do not get a Mac antivirus program. On the other hand, getting an antivirus program is something you will never regret. Using Mac antivirus software, you will ensure that your Mac will stay safe, and be ready to do all the things you need it to do!

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