Mac Data Recovery Can Save More Than Your Files

When you lose a file that you need, whether it be a photo, video, mp3, or an important legal document, you may feel that there are no words that can adequately express how upset you are. Unfortunately, this may result in a bit more dramatic display over your lost file, including pulling out your hair with both hands, using your head as a bouncing paperweight, or conspicuously throwing wadded up post-it-notes at passersby.

All hope is not lost though, even if your file is. This is because, with a Mac data recovery tool, like the one on MacKeeper, you have a 95% chance of recovering lost, deleted, or even corrupted, Mac files. This also includes data that has been stored on a media format other than Mac’s hard drive. So, to save your hair, head, friendships, and especially your post-it-notes, continue reading the article to learn the best and easiest way to recover Mac files.

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Can You Use Time Machine as a Mac Data Recovery Tool?

This is a common question that Mac owners ask, as they feel that recovering deleted or lost files is something Time Machine should be able to do. The answer is both yes and no. For the answer to be yes, you will have to have deleted the file accidentally, and had used Time Machine to backup the data in question. If this is the case, then you can indeed use Time Machine to locate the last time you saved that file and then restore it.

Most Mac users do not regularly backup their files on Time Machine, therefore, it will be of no help to you in recovery. Nor will it be of any help if the data was lost due to a system issue, or if the file is on an external drive. Even though Time Machine will not help you much, you don’t need to worry. This is because there are third party Mac data recovery software programs, such as MacKeeper, that can retrieve nearly any lost file regardless of where it is, or how it was lost.

Retrieve Your Data With Mac Data Recovery Software

Once you have discovered that you accidentally lost your file, or lost the file in some other way, you should stop using your Mac and try to recover Mac data files. To do this, you will need to use Mac data recovery software, or pay a Mac data recovery provider to do it for you. Using the first option is the best way, because a Mac data recovery provider charges hundreds of dollars, and they use the Mac data recovery software that you could have used yourself.

To use Mac data recovery software to recover your lost file, photo, video, or other data, you simply start the process with a click of your mouse. What it does now is to perform a deep scan of your Mac’s hard drive, external drives, and flash cards. This process can take awhile, as it is searching for any recoverable files. When it’s over, you will see a list of the files that can be recovered, all of them, not just the one you were looking for.

Once you have found the file you want back, the Mac data recovery program finishes the process by conducting a data rescue. This means that the data recovery is in its final stage as the program uses tools to find all of the bits of pieces of the data you wanted and put it back together again. This process also takes awhile, but it is well worth it when you remember that you are getting back something you thought was lost forever.

Which Software Program is Best For Mac Data Recovery?

The software tool that is the best, is one that retrieves files even when they have been deleted, corrupted, lost in Mac HFS and HFS volumes, bad sector in the disk, corrupted volume header, block master directory, corrupted partition and can perform recovery in any disk drive from IDE, EIDE, SATA, ZIP and USB drives. The software that best fits this description is called MacKeeper.

The award winning software MacKeeper, is a single program that has tremendous capabilities for your Mac as a Mac data recovery application, antivirus, independent backup tool, and a multi cleaner. With these other included tools, you can feel good knowing that the antivirus, and cleaning tools, will help protect and keep your Mac’s files from becoming lost, or corrupted.

Last, but certainly not least, you now know that a Mac data recovery tool can indeed save more than just your files, it can save your sanity; something it will continue to do so as long as you obtain, retain, and maintain your Mac’s system with the tools on MacKeeper, especially its Mac data recovery program!