How to safely remove on Mac


causeCauses of Uninstall Issues

When deleting from the applications folder doesn’t remove it completely it can leave some files that might cause errors. It is highly recommended that you scan your computer with MacKeeper. it will find and remove the leftover files, fix mac errors and improve performance

fixFixing the Problem

By downloading and running mac uninstaller, you can quickly and effectively remove all remanants of Chrome from your os x and optimize mac performance.


downloadDownload Uninstall tool

* File size: 0.37MB download time <1min (cable/DSL)
System Requirements Intel Mac OS X 10.5 or later




How to uninstall on mac

If the spinning wheel on your Mac makes you suddenly feel like using it for target practice, the one thing you don’t do is grab your knives and begin sharpening them. Instead, being that you are a Mac owner, your higher intelligence kicks in and motivates you to do something to make your Mac run fast again. For most, a gut feeling, or higher intelligence, tells them that they should get rid of anything that they feel is causing their Mac to run slower, such as certain files and programs.

In this case, such a feeling, no matter where it came from, is correct. In that, getting rid of some programs and applications can open up more space on your Mac’s hard drive, enabling it to run faster. Although this way is certainly better than becoming a knife thrower with your Mac as your assistant, getting rid of these space hogs without using a Mac uninstaller like MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, or AppZapper, will defeat the purpose of cleaning it up in the first place.

Download Recommended solution to Uninstall Apps on your Mac Under 2 minutes


Why You Need a Mac Uninstaller Program for Your Mac

As mentioned above, getting rid of unneeded, unused, or overly large, apps and files is a great thing to do if your Mac is running slower. However, the idiomatic expression of ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ comes to mind when someone does such a clean up without the proper tools. The good deed of dragging and dropping your programs to the Trash, is under-minded by the fact that your Mac will only get rid of a portion of the program.

You may wonder though, how does this become a punishment? The problem lies in those parts of the app or files that were not completely destroyed when you threw them in the trash. Although these bits and pieces may be quite small, the build up of these eventually becomes a problem in themselves. Especially as they continue to amass into their own type of space hog.

How Can a Mac Uninstaller Help?

Anyone that’s ever cleaned their house knows that if just a few things are left out around their home, and not picked up, that the more things that get added not only makes your home look cluttered, but the clutter is also taking up space. Accumulation of clutter, whether it be in your home or on your Mac, makes accomplishing anything in that space much more time consuming and difficult.

How an uninstaller helps, is that it does what you no doubt believed dragging and dropping a program to the Trash did. Which is that it gets rid of all of that program or file. It locates any other components that the app had, and makes sure their also eliminated. Taking care of these things with a Mac uninstaller means we can make a new, more positive, idiom which is: ‘no kind deed shall go unnoticed’. Because now, your good deed of removing those space hogs to create more space, is noticed by the Mac uninstaller program and the task or deed is completely completed.

The Reason You Needed the Mac Uninstaller in the First Place

As you recall, the reason you needed a Mac uninstaller program in the first place was that you either noticed your Mac wasn’t performing as well as it should, or you knew it wouldn’t if you didn’t permanently get rid of some junk. This being so, it makes sense to get an uninstaller that can clean your Mac, and optimize its performance all at the same time.

Therefore, using a multipurpose program, such as MacKeeper, is your best option. Not just as a Mac uninstaller, but also as a Mac cleanup program that includes 6 different tools that will enhance your Mac’s performance. The award winning multipurpose program MacKeeper, is aptly called the best utility program for any Mac.

MacKeeper will not only outperform any stand alone Mac uninstaller, such as AppZapper, or AppDelete, it will also ensure that whatever you use your Mac for; career, academics, or social life, it will be without hindrance, and with maximum results. So, to save your Mac from a fatal knife throwing accident, and get rid of the spinning wheel of doom, use MacKeeper as your Mac uninstaller and performance enhancer.