• printing

    How To Setup Automator And Dropbox To Become Your Print Server

    Have you ever found something on the Internet while on your cellphone browser and wanted to print it off? I have many times, and before I knew about Dropbox, I never knew it was possible without a Wi-Fi e print capabilities. Many of us love to have everything digital, but sometimes we want to have

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  • spaces

    How To Use Spaces In Mac Lion OS X

    Spaces has been around since OS X Leopard, but it’s features have changed a bit now that we upgraded to Lion. Spaces has been revamped and comes with a new Mission Control feature. Missions Control is our one-stop place for viewing all the application windows you have on your Mac. If you are anything like

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  • uninstall

    How To Uninstall Applications Completely Off Your Mac

    When you switch over from a Windows-based system to a Mac OS X system, the add/remove process is not the same. Whether you are a first time Mac user or a well experienced Mac user, the uninstalling process can be very easy. Most applications only take a simple drag and drop into the trash bin.

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  • safari5

    Top 5 Cool Things To Know About Safari 5.0

    So, it’s time to update your Safari browser. Don’t worry, there is only positive changes that are going to be made. Apple has even came out with a couple features that have never been seen before on a web browser. Not all of the features that are offered are listed in this article, but a

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  • jpegmini

    How to Create Space on Your Hard Drive & Share Photo’s Easier & Faster

    With the invention of digital cameras film quickly became obsolete and an explosion of amateur photographers were born overnight, myself included. With the need to pay for film or developing no longer an issue, many of us took, and still take, full advantage of our new freedom by taking picture after picture without one...

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  • nospace

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Hard Drive Space

    Have you noticed that your Mac has started to slow down a bit lately? Is it taking longer to open or close apps? If so, this probably means that your hard drive space is rapidly depleting on your Mac. When you have many duplicate files, music files and other large files or applications, your hard

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  • stolen

    4 Tips To Keep Your MacBook From Getting Stolen

    To keep your MacBook from getting stolen, it is important to follow a few steps to secure it inside and out. When you are in a public place like a bookshop or coffee shop, it is important not to leave your Mac unattended. But, sometimes nature may call a second too late and you must

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  • backup-smart

    The Top 3 Ways to Backup Precious Files On Your Mac

    Backing up your music, photos and documents on your Mac will not only help with saving space, but save your precious data if something happens to your hard drive. The user-friendly operating system that Mac computers offer makes backing up your music, photos and documents easier than ever. Fortunately, you have a few different...

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  • itunes

    Learn How to Use 5 Cool New Features in iTunes 10!

    Did you like iTunes 9? Well then you will love iTunes 10 because it comes with many updated features. If you are not very happy about the recent update because you think you may have to re-learn the software, not to worry because these suggestions below will help you along the way. If you are

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  • costumize

    5 Ways to Customize Your Mac to Keep It Fun, Personalized and Secure

    Day after day, we work on our Macs. Like our other surrounding such as our desk or office, things can become a bit dull. This is a great opportunity to customize your Mac and make it a more enjoyable time that will then lead us to become more productive. There are many different ways you

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