• cloud backup

    5 Online Backup Solutions for Mac

    Local backup is useful and necessary, but with the advent of broadband we can be even safer because we can now use inexpensive cloud storage Mac users will love. With online backup Mac users will be able to feel more at ease knowing that their critical files are safe, even in the event that their

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  • mac-shortcuts

    Over 30 Mac Shortcuts

    Everyone likes a shortcut because they save you time, this is true even of Mac keyboard shortcuts. The great thing with the Mac shortcuts is that you get two benefits, the first is of course the traditional benefit of a shortcut which is that it can be a real time saver. The second benefit of

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  • washing_machine-review

    Intego Washing Machine Review

    To keep you safe your Mac needs a good scrub once in awhile. Safe from what you may wonder, well safe from having your private information viewed by the prying eyes of a hacker, or from anyone else that may have access to your computer. You may think that you have nothing to hide, or

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  • take-screenshot

    How To Take a Screen Shot on Mac

    Whether you use your Mac to do it or a third party application, taking a screenshot with your Mac is very easy, and even fun, to do. After you learn how to do it, you will find that the screen shots Mac takes can be useful in a variety of ways. A few ways include

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  • 7ways-safe

    When You Protect Mac Computers Use Common Sense

    You may already feel that your Mac is safe because it of its great operating system. However, like any operating system, OS X can still be hacked and attacked. Also, like other operating systems, OS X has security holes. Fortunately, Apple diligently sends out Security Updates to patch these issues to make sure their users...

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  • ccleaner-review

    CCleaner for Mac Review

    It’s well known by most Mac owners that if you free up hard drive space on your Mac, it will in turn run faster and better. This can be done easily with a Mac cleaning program like CCleaner, which rids your Mac of junk. With so many cleaning utilities though, it is difficult to know

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  • cleanmymac-review

    CleanMyMac Review

    Cleaning your Mac is a necessary task if you don’t want to end up with a slow Mac, and it is an easy task if you’re using a Mac cleanup program. There are several Mac cleaning programs to choose from, so hopefully this review of the software program CleanMyMac, can help you decide if this

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  • mackeeper-review

    Mackeeper Review

    If your Mac has begun to slow down, and is freezing up occasionally then you may have considered getting a cleaning program to restore your Mac’s speed. Mackeeper is currently the number one product on the market for not only solving and fixing slowness and performance issues, but also for keeping your Mac secure, reliable,...

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  • windows_mac2

    Don’t run windows on mac before you decide…

    WHY You Need to Use Windows on Mac Determines HOW You Run Windows on Mac There are many reasons that you may wish to run the Windows operating system on your Mac OS X. Knowing what the reason is, can help determine how you should do so and which way will give you the best performance for

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  • Boost Speed of Mac in 9 Easy Steps

    Any computer users would just want to know how they can boost speed of Mac. Most of the users of Mac favor Mac machine because of its speed but when it does not deliver the speed that we want, normal reaction would get discourage. But then before you get disappointed on your Mac machine try

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