Local backup is useful and necessary, but with the advent of broadband we can be even safer because we can now use inexpensive cloud storage Mac users will love. With online backup Mac users will be able to feel more at ease knowing that their critical files are safe, even in the event that their local backup storage was compromised. Some of the ways someone can lose their local backup include unforeseen events at their on-site location—fire, flood, theft, or even a power surge from lightning or another source that wipes out their local backup. By using the cloud storage Mac users will feel safe knowing their files are okay in any of those situations.

Which Online Backup for Mac do You Need?

There are dozens of providers for online backup, and some of the extra benefits of cloud storage Mac users will like is that they can save or retrieve their files from other operating systems, the web, or even some mobile phone platforms. With this short but hopefully helpful online backup review Mac users can gain some insight into the top 5 cloud storage Mac OS X supported providers so that they can decide which one they would like to use.

The top five online backup for Mac storage solutions we have chosen for this review are: DropBox, iCloud, Mozy, SugarSync, and iDrive / iDriveSync. When choosing cloud storage Mac users should ask themselves these questions (which we also addressed during our reviews):

How large of a file can you save?
How many GB of online backup for Mac is free?
How much storage can you get if you need more, and at what cost?
Does this cloud storage allow sharing?
How is it accessed? Can you access it by phone, web, other OS?



Dropbox is one of the most popular online backup Mac users use and can be accessed via many other systems including some mobile platforms. DropBox is a very easy online backup for Mac owners to use, in fact all you need to do is put what you want in your DropBox folder, and that folder is synced across all of your computers. If you make any changes to those files, they will be automatically updated across all of your computers. Sharing files is also very easy. The only downsides would be cost and maximum storage capacity. There is a free 2GB option, but for more than that it is one of the most expensive choices as an online backup for Mac users. The maximum cloud storage Mac users (or any OS) can get is 100GB, unless you get their Team account which is quite expensive at $795/year for 350GB of storage.



Apple’s iCloud is one of the newest providers of online backup for Mac users. As an Apple product it’s designed to work seamlessly with your many other Apple devices. A nice feature with iCloud is that it will sync your iWork documents across your computers and make them web and mobile accessible. A few added bonuses to this cloud storage Mac users will love is that it gives you 5GB free, will sync your email, and your music and videos don’t count against your storage limit (as long as they were purchased from Apple). Mainly iCloud is pretty good, but it is one of the more expensive plans, and if you’re using the free storage plan the max file size for iCloud is a mere 25MB.


iDrive & iDriveSync

iDrive & iDriveSync are similar to Dropbox, but more advanced in some ways. Like Dropbox they have a desktop app, but unlike Dropbox with iDriveSync you can sync folders that are outside of your main folder. Both keep backups of all versions of your files for 30 days. Each has slightly different features and depends on what you want if for as to which one you would choose. Both iDrive and iDriveSync provide good online backup for Mac users, and both give you 5GB free and allow unlimited file sizes. As to individual things that stand out, iDriveSync has a few more features and is especially good for someone that wants unlimited storage at just $49.50 a year.


Mozy Backup

Mozy offers almost the same as the rest, with the exception of sharing which is a real downside to most Mac users. Like some of the others, Mozy offers version backups for the last 30 days. With its cross-platform desktop apps it allows you to choose which folders you want to back up, and then you pretty much don’t have to think about it any more. It is a midline priced online backup for Mac owners, but seems like you’re spending more with such a large price jump from the 2GB free to $72/year for 50GB. If you all you want is a super-easy and reliable backup, then this is a pretty good option.



SugarSync is an online backup for Mac users that really has just about everything you need. What is everything? SugarSync keeps files in sync across multiple computers in nearly real-time speed, has easy and intuitive sharing and collaboration, works with all major smartphone operating systems, has a nice web interface, high level encryption, and streaming music to mobile or desktop. Wait though, there’s more! It also will auto-load pictures from your phone, hangs on to the last five versions of your documents, and it has a very good referral bonus program that allows you to get extra storage for free. So what is the downside? Sharing files with non SugarSync users can be difficult, and priced slightly higher than middle it’s not the cheapest option.

Which Online Backup for Mac Is the Best?

Truly, which online backup Mac users choose to use is going to be a matter of personal preference. Some need more storage, some less, some don’t care if they can access files via their cell phone while others do. This makes it very much an individual choice. Going by ratings and higher rated user reviews the tops are SugarSync, IDrive or iDrive Sync, Mozy and DropBox.

Concluding this online backup review Mac users can now refer to my handy table for a quick comparison of the 5 different online backup Mac services. The choice is yours, I just hope I helped make it a bit easier for you. If you have an opinion you would like to add on which online backup for Mac you love or hate, then please comment below to help your fellow Mac lovers.

5 Providers of Cloud Storage Mac Users Should Consider

Free Free 5gbFree 2gb Free 2gbFree 5gbFree 5gb
Access Including Mobile Mac
Windows Mobile
Storage Space Options & Price per Year *10GB / $20
20GB / $40
50GB / $100
50GB / $120
100GB / $240
50GB / $72
125GB / $120
200GB / $216
500GB / $576
1TB / $1176
Unlimited with iDriveSync For $4.95 / Month
$49.50 / Year OR iDrive 150GB $4.95/ 550GB/$14.95 Month
( Very Limited )
( But Difficult )
File Size & Extras25MB file size or up to 250MB w/paid acct. Unlimited file size. Has bonus referral program for free users.2GB file size or Unlimited if using webUnlimited file size. Referral bonus program.Unlimited file size. Referral bonus program.

* Most online backup for Mac has monthly rates even if not listed above.

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