For frequent users of Mac that install apps more often, update them and remove the older versions, doing this in their Mac system is quite easy. Uninstalling apps can be done easily by dragging them into the Trash but this does not completely remove the apps and may leave some files behind. Most of the time helps files, logs, cache and preference files can clutter still in the hard disk. But a better application can handle all these left behind files and completely remove it in the Mac system and AppDelete is the best recommend tool.

AppDelete App Definition

This is an application for Mac OS that handles well the applications that you want to delete and all the files associated with it. This is designed to clean your Mac system after you remove some apps. It will inspect first the application that you want to remove and all the files that might be hidden in other storage location. It is even helpful in removing widgets, control panels and plug-ins.

AppDelete Features

  • The main purpose of the app is to delete the app and files related to it.
  • Easily drop an application to the AppDelete icon
  • It will confirm you whether you want to Log or Delete an items.
  • You can restore back the apps that you deleted by selecting the Undo option.
  •  You can monitor the activity of this app by using the View on the main window.

AppDelete: How it works?

Using AppDelete is quite easy. You just verify the applications that you want to remove by opening or dragging it to the dock icon and simply click the delete option. Then the application and all its associated files will be moved to Trash. If you happen to accidentally remove the application, just click the undo button and the process will be reversed and moved back the application to its original location. And if you want to locate for your files that has been deleted you can look at them in the Trash folder. If you want to remove all the widgets, control panels and plug-ins better use the menu items in the main application rather than using the drag and drop options.

Although AppDelete looks the same like AppZapper but they vary when it comes to functionality. This app is quite simple that is just good enough in removing files that are already junk. It won’t take you long to locate for all the preference files and support files of apps that you want to delete too. This is good enough in doing its function and best offered to Mac users for free. This is an app that your Mac should have.



AppDelete is just good enough in removing all traces of the application including all the preference files, logs, caches and help files. This is easy and even offers security. The bad side is that this is well polished compared to AppZapper. But the fact remains that this app does it jobs for free and this is something that every Mac OS should have. Another great alternative will be MacKeeper

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