Part of optimizing your Mac system is uninstalling certain apps that you don’t need more often. But most of the time uninstalling it manually will leave some of its widgets, plug-ins and other associated files in the system. To completely remove all these unnecessary files you just need the AppZapper for your Mac OS X. Here’s a software review of AppZapper which is something that you should know and try.

What is AppZapper?

AppZapper is developed by Austin Sarner and Brain Ball for Apple Mac OS X.  This is uninstaller utility that installs apps on your Mac OS X that the Mac itself is limited of completely removing it totally.  You just need to drag and drop the apps that you want to remove but aside from it the apps has search function that look for files that might reside in other directories aside from the original location of the application and these includes all the preference files and package receipts. Then an added functionality that AppZapper is capable of is protecting system files and other apps from accidental removal. This come as a shareware and very small and useful to use.

AppZapper features

  1. It can uninstall programs easily and conveniently

AppZapper is simply good in uninstalling applications and all of its associated files that might clutter your hard drive. It can remove any sort of files such as library files, cache files, preference files and applications. This runs on Tiger OS and you don’t need to upgrade your Mac system just to install it. If you want to delete or uninstall an app here’s how you do it with AppZapper:

  • Dop the app in the AppZapper window or app icon.
  • A dialog list will show you all the possible files associated with the apps.
  • Then choose files that you want to delete.
  • For quicker options you can click Zap if you feel that you really need to remove all the files and apps completely.
  • If you feel like recovering the app again just simply navigate to Trash and you can manually recover it.
  • A log file will show you all the activity you’ve done using this application.

2. It has built-in protection for your other apps and files

If you drag the apps to a safer location found in the General Preference options you can protect your app for any accidental removal. By default, the system will not allow you to delete certain apps that you are still using but aside from it would be possible to get rid of Preference files, Screen Savers and Widgets.

With AppZapper you just make uninstalling programs a lot easier and cleaner making sure that no unwanted files will be left behind and at the same time protecting the other apps from accidental removal.

50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.