Looking for the best application that will maintain your Mac try CheckUp 3 apps. Do you that this is your multipurpose application that will maintain your Mac. Here’s what this app can do your system.

CheckUp 3: How does it work?

CheckUp is definitely your Mac’s multipurpose maintenance application that is quite easy to use and navigate. It can help you monitor and speed up Mac performance. When it comes to its interface it is designed colorfully with dynamic icons, dials, buttons and graphs. It has eight data that will optimize your Mac and these are the Profile that shows the uptime and bandwidth tally, System shows your Mac system, Memory shows the usage and configuration, Disk includes all the partition and disk temperature monitoring, Network shows both the input and output, Processes act just like your Activity Monitor and Documents shows you all type of documents as well duplicated files.

Most of these features are already found in Mac OS but CheckUp is a lot improved. It does an excellent job in maintain the whole system in an easier and convenient way that even novice users wouldn’t find it hard to use too. It also shows you simple ways how to resolve any Mac issues when you opened your system. It can detect any problems and add a support help system so that users will know how to handle it. It performs real time monitoring of the behavior and health of your Mac system. You don’t need to look further for any technical issues that might affect your system because CheckUp can do this to you.

CheckUp3 Interface

CheckUp 3 has simple interface. Upon launching the apps you will see a Toolbar that is located at the right side of the screen on lower portion. This will work on the background without disrupting your work and other processes. Next to the Toolbar are the preferences where you can control where the toolbar will appear on the screen and adjust its transparency also.

The interface will allow you to access all the information relating to your Mac including the main IP address, OS and other useful information. You can also view the processor’s performance. The Network Tab will allow you to view the bandwidth and the usage of network connections in the system. You can view which of apps are sending and receiving the information from the network. The Process Tab shows you all the operations that are running in the computer whereas the Data Tab will display all the items that are installed in your Mac. And the History Tab will see all the system crashes that happened in your system. It comes with powerful capabilities to detect any problems, alert you and provide you with possible solution.

CheckUp 3 is simply your best solution to monitor and alert your Mac. It is made with breakthrough technology and easy to use interface that offers you everything that you need just to maintain your system. It always checks your Mac’s health, memory and condition just like a doctor that will tell your Mac system how it is going.


50 Kimberly Carver

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