Mac OS such as Snow Leopard has hidden preferences that are not directly available in the OS however you can control it using the Terminal codes and with the help of other third party apps. Luckily, developers of iTweaX just come in handy in tweaking the Mac OS. What this app can do to your Mac is really quite amazing. Here’s a quick product review on this application.

iTweaX: What is this?

iTweaX is a freeware app that offers simple and friendly interface in tweaking the Mac OS. This app reveals the hidden preferences in Mac OS that allow them to switch either on or off with just a simple click from the app. You don’t need to use the Terminal or lock the dock of Safari that will often lead to accidental removal of icons. But aside from that, iTweaX gives the ability to tweak the Mac OS X and improve its performance.

iTweaX: How it works?

You just need this app if you want to make things easier for your Mac. This is free and small file that can easily be downloaded in your computer. Once it is installed in the system, launched the app, for added security it will ask for system password to validate any changes that you want to make in the system.  Changing the system preferences can be quite risky and you just to make sure that you set it the way you are familiar with. Aside from this, iTweaX apps offer maintenance tools. Cleaning and restoring tools for Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 versions.

iTweaX Features

This app has an amazing features and it includes the following:

  1. It uses user friendly GUI interface
  2. Only use low system resources
  3. It is Mac’s maintenance tools
  4. It optimize the Mac OS without you knowing it
  5. It tweaks for Dock, Safari, Finder and other Mac apps
  6. It is handy in cleaning system preferences that are hidden in Mac and 100% will removed it out in the system
  7.  It also restore tweaks
  8. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 versions.
  9. This app is free

iTweaX New Version

This app is continually updated to ensure that your Mac is running perfectly. The newer versions have some added features that include:

  • It has rewritten core code.
  • An added tweak features for ‘Show User Library Folder’.
  • It removes the deprecated Metal window.
  • It will only ask for admin password when needed.
  • It removed several tweaks not applicable for OS X 10.7
  • It has updated cache cleaning for OS X 10.7
  • And an added Sparkle support.
  • It also supports apps that are only available for Mac OS X and these are:
    1. Finder- it will disable the icon animations and enhanced it by enabling the paths that will show the title bar.
    2. Dock – it will set it to 2D, use a secret dock minimization and it will enable you to disable the dock animations, lock icons and size.
    3. Safari 4 and Mail- it can now be tweaked into single window and limit the history. Mail on the other hand, can be set to force emails, display it as plain text and disable the data detectors.
    4. QuickTime X-it auto play the movies when opened.
    5. Spotlight-you can hide the Spotlight icon and disable some of its functions.
    6. Login
    7. System
    8. Misc

Having apps like iTweaX in your Mac is great in order to tweak the Mac OS performance. This app is more than an app where it allows you to enable and disable hidden features in your Mac, works as cleaning and maintenance tools as one and moreover it is offered free.

50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.