Just noticed that your Mac is running a bit slower this time unlike from the first time you use it? Well, it’s just about time that your Mac needs some cleaning and it is better done with Lion Cache Cleaner. Haven’t got this one yet for your Mac, read this review and you will know how important to have this app in your Mac.

Lion Cache Cleaner

Lion Cache Cleaner (LCC) is an award cleaning utility tool for Mac OS X. This app can perform system maintenance with the use of easy point and click interface for Mac OS X functions. Even the experts and novice users will appreciate this powerful tool that is offered by Lion Cache Cleaner. It has been widely used by personal and business users around the globe today.

How it Works?

This app can perform a lot of cleaning ability in your Mac and these are:

  1. It works as maintenance tool

This app is your one stop solution for your Mac OS X maintenance. Whether you are using Intel or PPC and Tiger or Lion OS, this tool will just simply keep your system running fast at its best. The LCC Documents and LCC Engine perform maintenance by offering full automation on maintenance routines such as virus scanning in software downloads. The LCC Engine also repair permissions automatically after you install it in your system.  This can be transparent in your background while it performs system maintenance or virus scanning.

  1. Works as optimization tool

This app also improves your system performance by tuning the internet and file cache settings as well as implementing Ram disk maintenance and cleaning the cache and internet history files. This also optimizes your files and memory. In return, it can reclaim more disk space by removing the language localization files and even slimming the Universal Binaries.

  1. The app can be customized

You can control everything that you want with this app. You can either turn off the Spotlight or Dashboard or either turns on the Login Items folder. You can tweak your Mac OS X according to your liking and this can be done without altering or hurting the Mac system.

  1. It offers disaster planning activity

This app even create a bootable installer DVD form the Lion download that can be boot and install on any supported machine.  This even creates a bootable Emergency Disks including system repair tools and cache cleaning functions. Once a disaster happens, the Lion Cache Cleaner will always be available at the command prompt form the Single User Mode. This can even be installed in a flash drive or iPod. This can run on any Mac and a tool for testing hard drives, batteries, RAM and even the whole machine.

  1. It is an antivirus tool

It even offers security for your Mac where it protects it against malware and any other threats. It even added layers of malware protection and ships with the help of ClamXAV antivirus. It scans your downloaded files making sure that it is protected from Mac and Windows threats.

Lion Cache Cleaner Features

This app comes with the powerful features that includes:

  1. Your Mac OS X cache cleaning tool
  2. Integrated antivirus protection with ClamAV
  3. Offers Finder cleaning options
  4. Clean desktop folder and files
  5. Clean download files and folders
  6. Slim unneeded Universal Binaries
  7. Remove damage system preference files
  8. Rebuild the Spotlight metadata
  9. Clean browser caches and temporary files
  10. And a lot more..

If you really want a general cleaning in your Mac, you can do so with the help of Lion Cache Cleaner. Everything that you want for your Mac is offered by the app alone and this is enough reason that you need it in your Mac system.


50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.