As with any computer your Mac will need to be maintained to continue running properly. Just because your Mac appears to run fine without any assistance from you that will not always be the case and the longer you let it go without doing some routine cleaning the more problems you will later experience. If you are already experiencing trouble it isn’t too late, as a Mac cleaner can still clean it all up and get it running at its optimum again.

There are many good Mac cleaners to choose from. In this review we are reviewing the one called Magician which is a relatively new Mac cleaner that its ‘about’ page states was developed by true “Mac fans”. What you need from a good Mac cleaner is one that will speed it up by cleaning it up, and this one appears to do all that and more.


The requirements for install of Magician is an OS of 10.6 or higher. It can be downloaded from their site . At this time the program is completely free. It is an all in one utility which is nice so that you do not need to download several programs to do what this one program does.


Magician has two windows, one main one and one smaller monitor window. On the main window you find all of its main tools, the second, which is a floating window, is a nice monitor of what’s going on with your system. I really do like this monitor, it shows several things including the heat going on inside; such as my CPU being at 120 F / 48.8 C, which is fairly average, maybe a little on the high side, but not bad. You can set an alert for your core temps which I like a lot.

How does knowing the temperatures of your Mac’s insides help? It helps you to not damage your Mac by letting you see if the temperature is rising into an unhealthy zone, if it does go there then you know that you should either give your Mac a rest or go into the Magician’s main window and use their utility to start shutting some things down that you’re not needing.

With the monitor you also get your local weather, your download / upload speeds, CPU / RAM usage (showing the top users of each), a link to their forum, and the ability to Purge RAM. These things can be shown on your toolbar or on your desktop as the tiny floating window. It has some other neat features too, such as being able to change it to what you want to view at the moment like temperature instead of memory / cpu usage.

The main window is where you will find all of the cleaning utilities. The Magician interface is easy to use and similar to MacKeeper. Tabs are easy to understand and then easy to also use. It would be nice to have some description of what each utility or cleaner does, as MacKeeper and some other programs have, but most of it is pretty self explanatory or understandable. Along the bottom there are some ways to join them on social networks and up top a link to their Forum is available, which is quite a unique idea. I think the Forum link is quite interesting and will assist users as well as developers in using or making this product even better.

Features & Support

The main window of Magician has 6 tabs that you can click through to use the program.

  • Homepage: Scan and clean with 6 cleaners / Shows computer info. / Add application via toolbox / Shows last cleaning
  • Cleaning  (6 cleaners): Can stay on main cleaning page and clean all or some, or clean by area: Web Browser Cache / Apps Cache & Logs / Useless Binaries / Unused Languages / Application Leftovers / Duplicate Files : Shows total MB cleaned and will show results that it finds so you can deselect anything you wish.
  • System / Stat: Display’s Information on: CPU / Disk / Sensor/ Battery / Memory / / Network. System shows: Processes Running, Networks, File Monitor.
  • Applications: Uninstall Apps / Updates Apps / Install Apps
  • ToolBox: Document, File, Rest
  • Hardware: Introduction gives complete details about your computer; Including CPU, Memory, Disk, and Display Model *See at the end for further details of what details it includes.

All of the features you would want in a Mac cleaner are in this program. I used each feature, with the exception of ToolBox, and found that I really liked each of them. I especially liked being able to see what was being removed and being allowed the choice to not clean them at the time or at all. I found nothing wrong with the cleaning utilities which worked quickly and as expected. I also used Uninstall which also worked quickly, but it didn’t bring up all applications, widgets, or other programs, there may be a reason for this but I would like it to bring more up for uninstall.

Unlike any other Mac cleaner, even multi-purpose ones, Magician has a very cool monitor. It displays in a separate window and in the tab labeled Stat, where it displays detailed information of disk, battery, memory, CPU, network speed, temperature, etc. This shows up for you in real time in pictorial symbols. Magican added the button of “purge RAM” as well, which not only helps clear the memory but also shows user a clear view of how much space have been saved after purging RAM. As for support, Magician has an email contact, forum, help area, and newsletter.


As stated in the review of Magician’s features, its performance was fine. Magician performs as expected, and actually better in that it found significantly more ‘garbage’ than some of the other cleaners I have used and reviewed. Additionally the showing of the real time internal conditions as well as processes and files running, were a nice extra that assist in keeping your Mac running fast and safe.


To be honest I just can’t say it any better than the Magician designers, on their site they say: “To make this conclusion simple, Magician is an “all-in-one” utility; it can scan files, release memory, monitor Mac status and give physical examination to your Mac.”

This multi-purpose Mac cleaning utility caught me by surprise. It is not very well known, and although it does have some good reviews I was a bit apprehensive, as I am with most programs at first which I suppose makes sense as to why I am a Mac software reviewer. I’m happy that I was introduced to this one, and pleasantly surprised at what a great program it is. I am a big supporter of the multi-purpose cleaners because they help you to keep your downloads to a minimum, and as an all-in-one they save space on your Mac.

As a cleaner alone it is a great program, especially for its price: Free! Include the system monitors and all the little extras, that really are big extras, and you have one heck of a program. I do not keep many programs after reviews, especially since you do not need more than one if you use a multi-cleaner, but this one for me is a keeper. Big thanks to the designers of Magician for a great program for Mac users.


Rating: ★★★★★ 




50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.