Microsoft Project for Mac Alternatives

Many times, Mac users find themselves needing to find alternative software for their Mac, because, let’s face it, we live in a Window’s world which means that most of the programs are not Mac friendly. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project is one of the ones not available for Mac computers. You could still use it, that is if you use Bootcamp or another program such as Parallels or VMWare, any of which would let you run Windows on your Mac and thus run Microsoft Project on Mac or other Window’s programs.

No fears though, as all is not lost. Because although Microsoft Project for Mac does not exist, like many other Microsoft software, there are some alternatives. In fact, there are many project management software suites available for Mac computers that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Project. With so many choices, let’s stick to the 5 best and most popular alternatives for you to choose from.


The web-based is supported in Chrome and Firefox on Mac and comes with a free app for your IPad or IPhone.  It makes everyone’s files accessible from anywhere and offers unlimited online storage. Teams can work more closely with each other and vendors using the collaboration features which are complemented by Google Docs integration. The Gantt chart is one of the better ones in project management apps and easy to add tasks and get your project setup.


With this online software you can create and share your plans online. Scheduling tasks, tracking projects, and even building Gantt charts can also all be accessed by your coworkers from anywhere. also includes all of the most commonly used features from Microsoft Project, so it’s a great alternative and why it’s second on our list. On top of being able to do what Microsoft Project can do it can also import and export from Microsoft Project directly, that way you can share those plans with others if they’re using it, and still have all the extra tools you’ll get with ProjectPlan. 

FastTrack Schedule


This award-winning software is considered to be one of the best project management applications available for Mac’s today, meaning you won’t even miss Microsoft Project. When using it, you can do almost anything related to project management quickly and easily. The program includes a user friendly interface that allows for complete customization. The latest version of this software has been redesigned to fit perfectly with the Mac OS X operating system and was inspired by Apple’s iWork suite.

When you first load this FastTrack, you are greeted with a getting started screen that gives you instant access to everything you many need, including schedules, calendars, address books, templates, and online resources such as video and text tutorials.



Merlin is a strong competitor in the field of project management software for Macs and has also won awards. This software offers a lot of flexibility and many collaboration possibilities allowing you to easily stay in touch with your team. Merlin was developed by project managers and is globally recognized as being one of the best project management software applications available. This software includes features such as Mindmaps, which allow you to brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues and capture information quickly and easily.

Merlin is fully compatible with the file formats offered by the Windows program Microsoft Project 98 and newer and can read MPP, MPX, and XML files. It can also write to MPX or XML file formats when necessary. This is a fantastic resource for those that need to collaborate with Microsoft Office Project users.



OmniPlan is an extremely flexible, easy to use project management suite. However, it is lacking in collaboration features. OmniPlan works extremely well with all Mac features and functionality, which allows for full integration with media and documents. Because it incorporates so well with Mac features, you can export to iCal and many other functions.

OmniPlan is very easy to use and includes features such as smart scheduling, task management, calendars, and project planning. You can also set a baseline to act as a reference point allowing for easy comparison of the project’s progress. OmniPlan has a resource management feature which allows you to easily distribute workloads, track budgets, and identify bottlenecks within your project.

Xplan (aka Projector)


xPlan is an easy to use project management software suite that is packed full of useful tools. However, like OmniPlan, it does not have many collaboration features. xPlan is made by App4Mac, a company that specializes in Mac applications. It is packed full of useful tools to help you manage your projects and work more efficiently. xPlan has a very modern, intuitive interface that is easy to use. Using xPlan you can manage to-do lists, sub tasks, events, and more. The software is designed to help you keep track of all tasks and easily calculate the cost of a project.

xPlan uses the universal binary technology that was built by Apple. This means that the application can run on any Mac containing a PowerPC or an Intel chip without any program emulation or system slowdown. For those that need it, xPlan is also available for the iPad platform.



SharedPlan is a project management software suite that is specifically designed for collaboration across a large group. To fully use the collaboration features, the program requires access to the Internet. This program is already used by many large companies across the world, including the BBC, Walgreen’s, and Whole Foods Markets. If you need a program that will allow you to coordinate and collaborate between a large group rather than manage a small team or individual project, SharedPlan is perfect.

This project management software is designed to allow users to create and update plans, and then communicate them quickly and easily to everyone involved on a project. SharedPlan is available for both Macs and Windows and is cross-platform compatible. While you do need to be connected to the Internet to share information, you can work anywhere with no connection, and then upload the new project to the central area for your team to access when the Internet is available.

Other Choices in Project Management Software

As you can see, even though Microsoft Project is not available for Mac computers, there are plenty of viable alternatives available. While we have only listed 5 of the best project management software suites available for Macs, there are many more including Project X, iTaskX, AltiProject, Curio, and Contactizer.

Like most software programs, these project management software programs often offer a free trial period so that you are able to test the software to make sure it will do everything that you need it to do, before you commit to a purchase. So give one of these a try and let us know which one you like best. Is there one that you find is closest to the Microsoft Project? We love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment below.

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