The amazing part when your install your Mac OS is that it comes with language packs installed in the system. This can great but most of the language packs installed are not needed and this can really consume most of your disk space. You can try removing the unnecessary language pack in your Mac system and there is no better utility that can do this but only the Monolingual. If you haven’t known what this app can do, then here’s a simple product review regarding this app.

Monolingual: What is this?

Most of Mac computers are only using English as their language and Mac has it all. But it comes also with other localization files that includes other languages and then file up in your hard drive. Monolingual will just come to your rescue in reclaiming hard drive space for other useful things. Monolingual is an application that removes all the unnecessary language files from Mac OS X to reclaim hundreds of megabytes in the hard disk space. It can run on Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and even on 10.4 versions of Mac OS. Moreover, this app can do three things; remove all the unnecessary language files in your Mac, input device files and even Architectures.

Monolingual Features

System Requirements: It runs either on PPC or Intel and Mac OS X 10.5 and other higher versions.

Main Job: Just removes unneeded languages from Mac OS.
Application Strengths: It delivers many languages out of the box. Extra languages can really take up a lot of hard drive space which is much needed by your useful files. So here’s where Monolingual comes to rescue your hard drive.


How it works?

Once run, the Monolingual apps will goes through your application and will automatically strip out the languages packs that you tell it to remove. The process can take a while especially on slower Mac. But nonetheless, the app is good in removing language packs such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh. Once done, you will notice that it can manage most of half of gigabyte on your hard drive and save it for other important files.

But you can use the apps also in removing all the unneeded keyboard layouts and input methods. The app can also remove program architectures and universal binaries that you don’t need. Doing it will give you much universal binaries in just single architecture. The amazing part here is that Monolingual apps can be downloaded for free and it is open source.
Having all those unnecessary language packs in your Mac can be troublesome in the long run. This can take up the room of your hard drive and worst, slows down your Mac in the long run. But don’t just sit there and watch your Mac bug down. Monolingual comes for free and can run on any platform. Install it ad run it in your machine and soon all the unneeded language packs as well as universal binaries and architectures that are not needed can be strip out in the system giving you extra space for other valuable items.

50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.