A mac that is really never clean out for sure your will give you a head ache. Having a slow computer has always been a nightmare for most of the mac users. No matter how computer savvy you are and how amazing your mac is, it needs to be free from overloading unwanted files. This is why Onyx is also introduced along with other software and application that can help you free you disc space faster.

Onyx, Defining it More

It is a multifunction utility for Mac OS X. It authorizes you to validate the Startup Disc and framework of its System files, to activate miscellaneous job of system maintenance, to set up the hidden parameters of the finder.  Fix application, and omit caches, to delete numerous files and folders that may become burdensome and more.

It is also a top popular program after Mac OS 10.2 ( jaguar). In installation of this program, there is “It’s not our fault” agreement that you need to agree with. Before you begin using OnyX it is necessary to install S.M.A.R.T. status bit and validate the start up volume. Much better to validate your hard disk. If OnyX is already running there are simple options to get your mac cleansed. It is the program that you can best start with when it comes to cleaning out you mac

If you are using new mac, you can select a hardware test best known as S.M.A.R.T Statuses features,  to guarantee that your internal drive runs well. They will be an indicator you can check if your hard disc  is in failing status, with this huge data loss can be avoided. It is essential to make sure that S.M.A.R.T. status is transparent.

If you are already knowledgeable in using command line, OnyX is a good choice for attending routine maintenance and adjusting interface of your mac. It is very helpful in specially in examining SMART status on your disk to configure dock, finder,dashboard and advertise to your linking. You can also changed the background of your desktop to an animated using OnyX.

Settings / Options when Using OnyX

Volume Structure – this settings let the physical form of your hard drive in place,  for it fix the system to the way that should be established.  This is similar activity as utilities verify disk. When OnyX  do the method , it is normal for your computer to seems like frozen. Another setting in OnyX is the Preferences. This option save information that aid programs recognize their settings such as window layouts.

In using OnyX is permits you to run Repair permissions. These option are essential aspect of your computer system. It cleans up lapses within your Mac’s data structure. It also allows you to convey who can  carry out what program and access to your file. For example, if you are using different user accounts, which method and settings the administrators obtain.

To perform automated scripts too often can cause slow down in your system Scripts help limit standard maintenance Mac user can perform on their Mac. If in case scripts discontinue to work automatically for some reason. OnyX will begin to command them all to run you want, you can also check when was the last time your computers choose to run.

These categories display various options you need to restore issues related to file- program and indexes. It allows you to remove various file associations, and clear out   duplicate entries. You can also delete the DS store files which inform your Mac where to locate icons and erase them. It is not recommended to rebuild unless it is really needed.

Cleaning – This section remove all various cache files which are present in your system. For example your web browser always save media and images on your Mac so moving back to them will be quicker.  Onyx has preset level ,  which if you are  not certain   will be left the same  prior to launching the process.

Utilities – this section of OnyX assist you constantly hide or show volumes, it also help you to find file faster. This option can be confusing and unimportant  in making you Mac run smoothly and quickly. You can skip this section of OnyX if you are a power user.

Automation – This section of OnyX is intended for non power users. If you wanted to automatize many of the task, then this sis the best section suited for you. It will allow you to empty caches and launch maintenance scripts and application fast and easy. This can be helpful if you want thorough cleaning of your Mac. In Parameters OnyX allows you change many applications in your mac system.

OnyX  can be helpful in running Unix utilities, you can have animated background in your mac, you can also unlock close functions in application such as Safari and iTunes. Often times these features are working, but the advantage may differ if we will talk about stability and efficiency. So it is advised that user should see reviews first about a certain application that they wanted to try.

In installing OnyX program it is important to read first the instructions. It is important that you understand everything that happen. What significance it will bring after you use it, and of course the advantage and disadvantage of the launching the application. OnyX is a very effective tool and practically will not harm your mac. We are obliged to perform some maintenance to our computer so that their performance will not be affected.

Although some operation in OnyX takes time, it is a good free alternative in freeing your mac from unwanted files that basically slow down the operation of your mac. I really encourage many mac users to try and install OnyX.  You will surely notice the improvement in your ma cater you install especially when it comes to speed. Not only OnyX is handy program but also it is simple an easy to follow. With the help on OnyX we can now accomplish cleaning and control activity on our mac. For another suggested application visit  www.mac-keeper.com.


50 Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is a trained Mac Specialist/Expert. Trained both in school and on the job she continues to educate herself about Macs at every opportunity she gets. Kim’s official training and areas of expertise include: Mac specialist, AOL IT Tech, certified paralegal, research specialist, and licensed private investigator.